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Unexpected Uses For Lemons.

21 Feb 2020 Bodyline Admin

There’s nothing more refreshing than sitting down with a cold glass of fresh lemonade. But there’s so much more that lemons can do other than flavouring your favourite food and drinks. Lemons are great for your skin and even help to get rid of tough stains! If you have lemons galore left over from pancake day, keep reading to see what other uses they’ve got.

Microwave Cleaner
Gone are the days of having to scrub your microwave clean! Grab yourself a bowl and fill it half way with water. Cut a lemon in half and juice it into the water before placing the two halves into the bowl too. Microwave for three minutes or until the water is boiled, and leave for five minutes before you open the door. The steam inside the microwave will help to loosen any grime and dirt, and when you open the door, you should just be able to wipe down what’s left with a damp sponge. Any dirt that’s a bit more stubborn can be easily wiped with the leftover water in your bowl, leaving your microwave spotless and fresh.

Bathroom Scrub
Mix lemon juice with a large spoonful of baking powder and use a sponge or old toothbrush to apply this in the cracks of your bathroom tiles. This should bring up any mould or dirt in just a few scrubs.

Freshen the Fridge
If you’ve left something in the fridge too long and can’t get rid of the odour, dab a cotton ball in some lemon juice and leave it in there for a couple of hours. When you come back, the foul smell should have gone and will be replaced with the tangy lemon smell.

Clean Hands
After cleaning up or cooking certain foods, your hands can be left feeling greasy or smelling for hours. Rubbing a cut lemon over them before washing with soap and water will help to remove both the feeling of grease and the smelly odour, as well as moisturising them in the process.

Treats an Upset Stomach
If you’re suffering from a case of diarrhoea or constipation, it can really make you feel uncomfortable and botch up your day. A cup of hot water and lemon juice has been said to relieve these symptoms, and adding other superfoods like honey or mint can have extra benefits.

Removes Fake Tan
With the summer season creeping up on us, the long sleeves will soon be out and the fake tan is in! If you’re out of practise and mess up, or wake up with a brown patch on your elbow that you just can’t wash off, lemon juice is a sure way of correcting it. Simply soak a flannel with lemon juice and rub this over your skin to remove the fake tan, or you can make your own body scrub using fresh lemon juice and a scoop of sugar.

Helps Weight Loss
Not only is lemon juice a good source of vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients, it has been said to help the body’s digestive system, which in turn will help you lose weight. Dinking lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach helps to kickstart your metabolism, as well as detoxifying and hydrating you.

So, whether it’s cleaning your kitchen or freshening up your fridge, let us know what your favourite lemon tips are in the comments below!

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