Busting 5 Weight Loss Myths We’ve All Wondered About

We understand that the saying ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ often comes into play when you feel so helpless about losing weight. Many of us have turned to some common weight loss myths and given them a go despite not knowing whether they even work, so to save you the time and energy on trying any more dieting fads, we’re going to be revealing all today.

From fad diets to weight loss tips and tricks, here are 5 weight loss myths debunked for your benefit!

“The Less Calories You Eat, the Quicker You’ll Lose Weight”

The weight loss myth ‘the less you eat, the quicker you’ll lose weight’ isn’t true, even though it’s believed far and wide by many.

Eating an extremely low amount of calories is not only dangerous but unsustainable. Unless you are unwell and therefore can’t eat, you should be aiming to consume at least 1200 – 1400 calories a day as a woman, as a minimum while men need at least 1500.

Eating fewer calories leaves your body starved of energy and nutrients which increases cravings for high sugar, high fat and in turn, high-calorie foods. So, when you do allow yourself to eat, you’ll probably end up reaching for the wrong foods.

There is also research that shows that the body will hold onto fats and water if you’re not providing it with the correct nourishment, meaning you may actually not lose as much weight by starving yourself as you’d have hoped.

“Carbohydrates Are Bad for You”

Another misinformed myth, carbohydrates, as with any food, are not bad for you if eaten in moderation.

A diet made up of 100% carbohydrates is a real no no. It’s not good for you as it doesn’t contain all the nutrients you need and if you’re enjoying carbohydrates with added butter, salt and creamy sauces, you’re also going to be loading up on fat and salt you don’t need.

Brown and wholegrain carbohydrates are the best option for you and potatoes with the skin on boosts your fibre intake, so enjoy these healthier carbs in their pure form as part of a balanced diet.

“Snacking Will Stop You Losing Weight”

Again, this simply is not true. Broad weight loss statements that often read ‘x,y or z WILL stop you losing weight’ are more often than not false claims that don’t look at the specific details of the scenario in question and therefore are too general to be factual.

Snacking, if you choose the right foods, will not stop you from losing weight. To lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn, so you need to work out your required calorie intake to achieve weight loss and pick the best foods to stick within that.

Choosing snacks that are high in sugars and fats will eat away at your calorie allowance and therefore you’re more likely to go over it, whereas healthier snacks will fit better within this and be more beneficial for your body too.

“Low Fat and Fat-Free Are Always Healthier”

A lot of food manufacturers are aware of how big the demand to lose weight in the UK is at the moment, so they’re creating low fat or fat-free versions of their products. However, but health isn’t all about fat and therefore these products aren’t always better for you.

Mayonnaise is a perfect example of this. Light mayonnaise may contain fewer calories and fat but they often contain more salt per serving and the light varieties contain additional preservatives, such as Potassium Sorbate which aren’t in regular mayonnaise.

But low fat products aren’t always worse for you. One of the market leading cheddar cheeses does a light variety which is lower in calories, lower in fat, higher in protein and equal in salt, so you really do need to just read food labels.

“You Can Eat What You Want if You Work Out”

Oh how we all wish this was true! A lot of us get lost in the belief that as long as you move your body enough, you can eat what you want with no implications. Sorry, but we hate to break it to you – that isn’t technically true!

We recently created a whole blog post on the’80:20 diet to exercise ratio’ and established that actually, weight loss is more dependent on what you eat than how much you move!

Exercise can, in some cases, speed up the weight loss process. It helps you stay in a calorie deficit by burning extra calories on top of your normal bodily functions but research has found that consuming the right foods is essential to losing weight and that working out isn’t a free pass to eat what you want, it’s about balance!

So, there are 5 weight loss myths we’ve all wondered about (and maybe even considered believing) and hopefully, this has helped set the record straight!

Successful weight loss is all about a good diet, healthy lifestyle and for many people in the UK, an extra helping hand from Bodyline Clinic! So, if you need our assistance, get in touch today!

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