Bodyline Statement 25th May

Published: 25th May 2020

Bodyline Statement Monday 25th May 2020, Sally-Ann Turner, Managing Director:

Following the guidance of the government, we re-opened our doors this week and like so many other local, regional and national businesses we are working round the clock to create a safe ‘new normal’ for our clients.

Our first week of opening was always going to be a test-bed period, we never set out believing we knew everything, we set out knowing that our clinics, staff and clients would be safe, so we lifted the shutters and opened the doors. What we didn’t know was if the way we have operated as a business would still work and keep working in these ever-changing times.

With this in mind I am proud to say we have moved quickly to find a solution and ensure we can continue to deliver the service; we are known for.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our clients, for being so patient and understanding as we keep delivering these updates and announce further changes to our services and the way we operate. We will always endeavour to be open with our clients and, as always, remain a service and business they can trust.

No More Drop In Style Sessions – Appointment Only System

As of Tuesday 26th May, we will no longer be operating a drop-in style session in any of our clinics. We will commence an appointment only booking system as well as two new treatment programmes for both our existing and new clients to choose from.

Two New Exciting Programmes

These are called Bodyline Flex, which launched recently and Bodyline Home. Bodyline Flex is available now and Bodyline Home, our fully remote service, will be launching on 1st June. Also, on this date we will be welcoming any new client that would like to join Bodyline and our new services.

What is Bodyline Flex and How Much Does It Cost?

So, what is Bodyline Flex? Bodyline Flex helps our customers lose weight around the pressures and time restrictions of everyday life. This new service allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of Bodyline, but on a programme that allows you to be flexible between in-clinic and remote appointments. The cost of this new service is £100 a month, plus a delivery charge if you chose to opt for your appointment remotely and medication delivered to your door. All appointments just need to be booked ahead.

We know over the months and years our customers sometimes struggle to get into their clinic to be able to receive their medication due to work or family commitments. This flexible system ensures we are always there for you and should you not be able to get into clinic we can still provide a remote consultation; you just need to book an appointment.

As a business, we have had to make significant changes to be able to support Bodyline Flex, including increasing staffing hours and business costs.

So now with Bodyline Flex there is no more waiting around, no more paying for parking or using up your fuel. We will do all the hard work.

Bodyline Home – Our Fully Remote Service Launches Soon…

So, what’s changed? Bodyline is now an appointment only service that offers two programmes Bodyline Flex or Bodyline Home. Bodyline Flex is available now and Home will be available from the 1st June. We will also no longer be offering weekly prescriptions; all clients will be given a month’s worth of Bodyline medications at their appointments.

I want to end by hoping you, our wonderful clients, all remain safe and well in these difficult times and to remind you that our team, as always, we will be here to make sure you still are able to reach your weight loss and well-being goals in 2020 with our great new services Bodyline Flex and Bodyline Home.

To book your appointment – please call 0845 491 8750. If you get our answering machine, please leave a message and a member of our team will call you back as soon as possible.

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