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Bodyline Clinic Stockport

Bodyline Clinic Stockport is just one branch of our collection of leading weight loss clinics in the North West of England. Situated on Heaton Lane in the vibrant and busy town of Stockport, our one of a kind slimming clinic is the go-to destination for those wanting to transform their waistlines and their lives.

Home to our friendly and professional nursing team, who are experts in not just our products but safe and effective weight loss as a whole, when you step through the doors of Bodyline Clinic’s Stockport branch, you can be confident you’ll be receiving premium service and support throughout your entire time with us.

We often get asked what sets Bodyline Stockport apart from other forms of weight loss and for us, it’s obvious, what we offer actually works. We don’t promote fad diets, ineffective products or quick, short term fixes. What we have available at our clinic are tried, tested and approved weight loss products that have time after time produced results that last.

Each and every slimming plan we create at Bodyline Clinic Stockport is done by a trained member of the nursing team who have spent years training in not just their field of medicine but medically supported weight loss too, so you’re in safe hands with us.

We use two kinds of slimming medications here at Bodyline Clinic, Phentermine which is the USA’s number one choice for slimming medication and also Diethylpropion, both of which are appetite suppressants which we believe to be the most effective kind of medications for controlled and sustainable weight loss.

New to Bodyline Clinic’s across the country in recent months is our SlimPen, also known as Saxenda, which is a revolutionary new weight loss pen. If our team recommend this product in your plan, there’s no need to feel apprehensive as our experienced advisors will be with you every step of the way to train you in the proper use of this product.

You’re not on your own when you join the Bodyline Clinic Stockport team for your weight loss journey. The doctor and nurse led team at this clinic want to support you every step of the way to help you get the results you want and maintain them too, so you’ll be offered drop-in style appointments throughout your plan to keep you on track and aware of your progress and to make losing weight as convenient as possible for you, these appointments will be worked around your schedule.

Say goodbye to difficult diets and impossible exercise plans and say hello to a whole new world of feeling fit, healthy and energised with the help of Bodyline Clinic Stockport.

*deposit paid on booking and refunded in full should you not fit our prescribing criteria

Stockport Treatment Room
Bodyline Stockport Team

Stockport Team

Stockport Nursing Team

The nursing team at Bodyline’s Stockport clinic are responsible for caring for each and every client that steps through the doors, ensuring each individual has a unique plan designed especially for them and offering support and guidance where needed.

The staff at our Stockport clinic are all qualified nurses and prescribers with an abundance of medical qualifications amongst them which combined with their years of experience in the field, make the team at Bodyline Stockport a trusted unit of individuals to help you on your weight loss journey.

Our Stockport staff are available to visit at the clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays where consultations can take place, you can be prescribed new products and get progress check ups to let you know how your weight loss is going.

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