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7 weeks


Gemma Success Story

Gemma has lost an impressive two stone in seven weeks using our new revolutionary weight loss injection.

This incredible weight loss treatment offers effective and reliable weight loss by reducing hunger and controlling cravings.

Gemma joined Bodyline after becoming frustrated with her constant battle to maintain a healthy weight. Gemma’s tendency to binge eat and a fondness for an end-of-day glass of wine… or two – was preventing her from successfully losing weight. Simply dieting alone was not enough. Gemma finally admitted that she needed some extra support and reached out to the weight loss experts at the Bodyline Clinic.

Since beginning Bodyline’s weight loss programme, Gemma has managed to change her eating habits completely. She no longer feels any desire to eat unhealthy high sugar foods like chocolate and biscuits – and her alcohol intake has reduced to practically zero. This has allowed Gemma to follow a reduced calorie eating plan, which has finally produced the consistent weekly weight loss that Gemma desperately wanted.

Gemma told Bodyline “Usually when I am dieting, I am so good for several days, making sure that I count my calories and log everything I eat using MyFitnessPal. I am so committed at the beginning. But I will always let myself down in the end by blowing my efforts on high sugar rubbish or a junk food binge.  I also have a habit of deciding that I deserve a bottle of wine or two at the weekend, as a reward for having a good week. Before I know it, I have eaten way over my calories, and the scale has shot back up again. In the end, I give up and fall off the diet – gaining anything I have lost and more”.

She also says: “Saxenda® has been such a revelation to me. I was a bit apprehensive at first about the needle, but in all honesty, you can’t even feel it. The cost of the treatment was also a concern, to begin with, but I have actually saved so much money by no longer buying alcohol and treat foods, the treatment is nearly paying for itself. I’m thrilled, and for the first time in a long time, I can actually see myself reaching the end of my weight loss journey”.


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