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We spoke to the inspirational Samia about her weight loss journey with Bodyline this week and how now she is finally comfortable in her own skin.

“I’m not hiding in pictures anymore – I’m proud to be me”

 Since losing a stone and dropping a dress size, Samia now feels confident enough to feature in family photos and has finally waved goodbye for good to an array of fad diets.

Throughout my life I have always avoided photos and even when trying to find some before pictures of myself, they were few and far between. My weight has always had an effect on my life and being photographed is just touching the surface.

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

Like any person that is desperate to lose weight I have tried every diet pill and every fad diet going, I could start a book shop with the volume of books I have bought over the years. Nothing has ever worked, and I started to think I would never feel good about myself again.

Then I came across the Bodyline website and I knew this was it! I rang and booked my appointment with James into the clinic nearest to my home. First time I went I was a little nervous, but the team made me feel so welcome and at ease. They went through a medical health check and this made me also sure I had chosen the right clinic for me, they’re all so professional and I felt safe. I had my measurements taken – height, weight, inches, blood pressure etc, all before discussing my story and my targets.

My Bodyline plan

My designated nurse was Tricia at the Openshaw clinic, she explained everything to me about Bodyline’s medications and how my blood pressure was high, which I already knew. I was worried my Bodyline journey would end before it even began, but Tricia then went on to explain about their natural appetite suppressant called Phent H. This sounded like the perfect fit for me. She then went onto discuss a plan of what food to eat and how we would work together to achieve my goals.

Success so far…

I have been attending Bodyline for seven weeks and I have already lost a stone and inches off my arms, legs and waist. I have dropped a dress size and I can really see the difference – so can others. I have had so many lovely comments about how well I look.

This is something I would recommend to everyone, even if you think no diet will ever work, it can, it does, and it has for me.

Having the weight loss in a short period of time has given me so much confidence and in what I wear, I look forward to getting dressed and leaving the house now every day.

I highly recommend Bodyline, once you become a member you will understand exactly what I mean, it’s worth every penny!

Phent H is available to buy on Bodyline’s online shop here or by calling 0845 491 8750.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.

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