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Vicky started her journey with The Bodyline Clinic weighing almost 16 stone and wearing a dress size 20.

Vicky told Bodyline:

“I was so overweight that it was making me feel sleepy all the time. I had no motivation and couldn’t be bothered with anything. I felt very depressed”.

After noticing a relation on facebook talking about her weight loss, Vicky decided to message her to find out what she had been doing.  Vicky felt encouraged by what she heard, especially how affordable the slimming pills would be. She compared the cost to her favourite take away coffee that she bought each day – and decided to take the plunge. She had tried everything else, so in her mind the only thing she had to lose was weight!

Vicky went on to lose four stone with the Bodyline Clinic, using our proven appetite suppressants! Her attitude towards food has changed dramatically since starting at Bodyline.

She told us:

“I listened to the dietary advice given by the Nurses at the clinic. I drink more water now and eat healthier foods, little and often.

I won’t go back to eating junk food because I know that I will end up back to where I started – that just isn’t an option for me any longer. Also, now that I have lost the weight, I enjoy exercising regularly, and I really never thought I would say that!”

Vicky also added:

“When I see people, who are uncomfortable and struggling with their weight, I tell them about The Bodyline Clinic, the diet pills and how much they have changed my life”!


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