what are the best drugs for weight loss?

What are the best drugs for weight loss?

Many people all over the U.K. struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. This can be for many different reasons, but most commonly metabolism, body type and emotional or mental health are the biggest barriers in weight loss. When these factors are difficult to overcome, doctors may suggest a medical weight loss route through the use of appetite suppression weight loss drugs.  These weight loss drugs can be either slimming pills or weight loss injections.

Our clinical team constantly review medical weight loss medications ensuring that we offer the most safe and effective options whilst providing options for a range of medical histories.

We’ve compiled a list of the best drugs for weight loss to be used alongside our ongoing motivational support. You can be confident that when sourcing our medications through a secure supply chain, that we can guarantee the quality and safety of the drugs. Bodyline is CQC accredited, so you can be sure our programmes and prescriptive drugs are trustworthy.

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Phentermine is popular appetite suppressant pill used to decrease hunger, curb cravings, and aid in weight loss. Phentermine is FDA approved and known as the No. 1 slimming pill in the USA.   The slimming medication has been proven to be a fast and safe weight loss solution for many people. Often prescribed for 3 months, it is usually a ‘pink pill’ that has helped millions of people to lose weight in an efficient and controlled manner with minimal side effects. Reduction in both weight and waist circumference are shown to average between 5% and 10%.

Phentermine works best for those who are prone to over eating, and research shows those who have higher appetites are more likely to lose weight on the drug.


Mysimba is a medication, in a tablet format, made up of two drugs, naltrexone and bupropion. Working together, they reduce cravings and suppress appetite, making it easier to resist snacking and eating out of boredom, therefore aiding weight loss. Mysimba, alongside diet and exercise, is proven to reduce more body weight than just diet and exercise alone!

The medication is often taken while individuals are undertaking a low-carb diet and an increase in exercise. So, at Bodyline, we provide constant support and offer personalised action plans covering diet, exercise, and nutrition to ensure our clients achieve their goals. Plus, our one-to-one appointments deliver advice and motivation!


Diethylpropion is another appetite suppressant pill used over a longer period of time than phentermine. Users find a greater effect of diethylpropion on the reduction of waist size, and one study reported an average loss of 1.25lbs a week!

It works similarly to phentermine in that it is an appetite suppressant used to decrease hunger and curb cravings and taken in the form of a pill. It works in the appetite centre of the brain to encourage weight loss!

Saxenda (Liraglutide)

Saxenda is a once-daily weight loss slimming injection containing the active drug Liraglutide and comes in a prefilled pen, the SlimPen. It acts as a substitute for an appetite hormone in the body that responds to our digestion, regulating hunger levels and thus reducing appetite. It helps to regulate appetite therefore aiding in weight loss!

There are many research papers that credit Saxenda’s effectiveness for weight loss, with one recent study recording a decrease of 5-10% body mass for most subjects in the trial. It helps individuals keep to a calorie-controlled diet and meet personal weight loss goals!

Bodyline offers a fully supported SlimPen programme, led by a clinical team. Our research shows that the regular support that our clinicians provide is the most effective approach to your weight loss journey.

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Bodyline Natural Weight Loss Supplements – Phent H, Carb Blocker, Fat Burner and Rebalance.

At Bodyline, we stipulate that patients have a BMI of over 27 (check your BMI here with this handy NHS calculator).  You also need to undertake a Free Triage Consultation with our trained Customer Service Team to review your medical history and for our nurses to provide prescription medication.

If your BMI falls under 27 or there is a clinical reason why we cannot prescribe weight loss medication then Bodyline has a range of natural weight loss supplements to assist with your weight loss.

This natural range includes Phent-H, Carb Blocker, Fat Burner and a Rebalance CBD capsule designed for weight loss during the menopause. The range has been specifically formulated to be taken individually or in combination to maximise weight loss results. These natural products are also complementary to Bodyline’s prescription weight loss medications and clinically supported weight loss programmes.

Here at Bodyline, we specialise in clinically supervised weight loss programmes that are personalised to you and your lifestyle. Our 17 years of experience has ensured over 100,000 customers have met their weight loss goals. Get in touch by calling us on 0800 9956036, or fill in a consultation form on our website.

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