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Bodyline offer a range of medical weight loss and low testosterone treatments


Bodyline offer a range of medical weight loss and low testosterone treatments

We provide personalised Low Testosterone treatments for men, as well as safe Medical Weight Loss programmes, geared towards improving life quality and overall health and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to shed some weight and improve your overall health or are fed up with low moods, fatigue, decreased sense of wellbeing and libido loss, Bodyline will work and Bodyline cares. 

We can diagnose and normalise testosterone levels in men effectively by addressing symptoms of low testosterone.   Our gold standard approach to treating Low Testosterone is personal to you and tailored to your blood tests and personal symptoms.  Our unique approach to boosting testosterone, prescribing essential vitamins and supplements together with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle advice will optimise your health and wellbeing. 

Medical Weight

We offer safe, effective, and affordable medical weight loss treatments.  We support you to lose of up to a stone in the first month of our medical weight loss programmes, in clinic or at home. We prescribe from a range of safe and effective weight loss medications tailored to you and support you to reach your weight loss goals and maintain your ideal weight in the future.   We prescribe from our range of weight loss medications, assist with changing eating habits, and advise you of lifestyle changes.

Latest Bodyline medical treatment news

Ozempic is the ‘gamechanger’ appetite suppressing injection that has boomed in popularity due to celebrity success stories along with its transformational weight loss results. It is a weekly injection, clinically proven to be a safe and extremely effective weight loss option for both women and men.
Did you know, around 25 million women worldwide will be entering the menopause this year, and even more will be experiencing menopausal symptoms as their hormones begin to fluctuate ahead of the change? And the number of menopausal women will reach 1.2 billion by the year 2030, making up a huge demographic of the world’s population.
With menopausal women making up the fastest growing demographic in the UK workforce, more and more businesses are looking to support and aid their menopausal co-workers during this troublesome period of life.

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