Optimising employee health and wellbeing with effective Weight Health Management and the M Plan Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment and Support


Optimising employee health and wellbeing with effective Weight Health Management and the M Plan Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment and Support

Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics is a provider of individualised corporate and outsourced medical wellness services.  We deliver industry leading corporate medical solutions including the M Plan – treatment and support for perimenopause and menopause, as well as effective clinical weight health programmes including GLP-1 treatment and support.

As specialists in our clinical fields and by offering full spectrum medical wellness services, we engage with our partners to guarantee alignment of our services with their strategy.  We also ensure that the Bodyline’s treatment and care programmes are tailored to the needs of our partners’ employees or those of their clients. 

By investing in gold standard corporate medical solutions, our corporate customers realise the benefits of positive patient outcomes and in turn improved patient quality of life.

Bodyline has an approachable and supportive style of both working with its partners and also treating its patients.  Through collaboration we can design and deliver bespoke patient-centric and supportive medical treatment journeys combined with diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. 


CQC regulated, Bodyline is a UK leading medical weight health provider delivering gold standard GLP-1 medical weight loss programmes on behalf of partners or direct to employees in the workplace.  

Bodyline delivers effective Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment and Support in the workplace, The M Plan from Perimenopause, Menopause to Post Menopause.

Corporate health news and views

Obesity has become a significant concern in the workplace, impacting both employees and employers. Over a quarter of UK adults are currently living with obesity, and numbers are rising across the world. Routines, work environments, and job demands can influence eating habits, activity levels, and overall weight health. As a result, it is crucial for employers to address obesity and support their workforce's weight management journey.
With around one in four adults currently living with obesity, the population’s weight health is becoming a growing concern in the UK workforce for both employees and employers. The effects of obesity go far beyond individual health, affecting productivity, absenteeism rates, and overall workplace well-being. Here at Bodyline, we want to help explore the impact of obesity on the UK workforce, discuss the issue of discrimination, and provide top tips for employers to remove the stigma of obesity.
Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the UK workforce with a third of the UK’s female population, around 13 million women, currently in the perimenopause or menopause stage of life. Menopausal age women between 45 and 54 make up 11% of the UK working demographic and 23% of all women in employment. Menopause, whilst a natural life transition that half the population will go through, has traditionally been a taboo subject particularly between men and women. A UCL-led study carried out in May 2021 found that 9 out 10 women were never educated about the menopause – it’s therefore no stretch to conclude that men have generally been even less informed on what to expect and how to deal with it, especially in the workplace.


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