Low testosterone replacement therapy treatments


Low testosterone replacement therapy treatments

Optimise your health and wellbeing with Bodyline Low Testosterone Treatments!

Bodyline has a tailored approach to diagnosing and treating low testosterone on a patient centric supportive pathway.  Low testosterone is a growing issue for men and is widely untreated resulting in men suffering unnecessarily with physical, emotional, mental, and sexual symptoms such as low energy levels, lack of focus, low libido, reduced muscle mass and weight gain and more. 

If you feel that you are suffering from low testosterone symptoms and wondering whether testosterone therapy is right for you, our specialist low testosterone nurses can support you through the process.  Bodyline has a holistic approach to low testosterone treatment by carrying out full blood profiling, discussing your symptoms, understanding your health needs and risk factors, and providing you with choice on how to resolve and maintain your testosterone levels.  Our supportive plans will ensure that you embrace aging and thrive through this stage of life.   

We prescribe hormone replacement therapy treatments, if necessary, to treat low testosterone and your personalised prescription could include testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.  Your individual prescription can be easily modified and fine-tuned according to your changing symptoms and your future blood screening results.  We also recommend wellness enhancing vitamins and supplements and provide lifestyle, exercise, and diet advice.

Our patients achieve fundamental improvements in quality of life and have a greater sense of well-being by maintaining testosterone to your optimum levels. 

Low Testosterone Symptoms Treated by Bodyline

You can age healthily and live life to your full potential with Bodyline’s Low Testosterone Treatments


Step One:
Understand your Low Testosterone Treatment Choices

Our supportive customer service team will discuss Bodyline’s low testosterone treatment options for men, clarify your treatment support options and confirm pricing*.

They will arrange a convenient appointment for you with one of our specialist nurses.
* Pricing varies dependent on medications prescribed and support plan.

Step Two:
Specialist Low Testosterone Nurse Consultation

At your first consultation with one of Bodyline’s specialist nurses, you will have your bloods taken to analyse testosterone levels at our independent laboratory, discuss your full medical history and ask you to complete a symptom questionnaire.

Step Three:
Further Specialist Nurse Consultation

Your next consultation with a specialist nurse will include reviewing and interpreting your blood test results.

Your blood results will be discussed, and your own symptoms confirmed from your first consultation.

If treatment is indicated a second blood sample is taken for analysis to ascertain your hormone levels and vitamin deficiencies.

Step Four:
Diagnose and Define your Bodyline Treatment and Support Plan

One of our specialist nurses will analyse and review your second blood test results and a bespoke treatment plan will be agreed.

Your treatment plan is tailored to your symptoms and hormone and vitamin requirements. Full lifestyle advice will be given including bespoke advice around nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements.

We will also advise the best way to administer the chosen prescription.

Depending on blood results your prescription could include testosterone, DHEA, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

Step Five:
Low Testosterone Treatment Review and Continued Support

Once you have received your medication in person or through the post, you will receive a support call a fortnight later to discuss any potential side effects and initial reactions.

A further consultation is arranged after a month of treatment to review and evaluate your treatment Thereafter, we offer support calls so that you have the opportunity to highlight any issues, questions, or queries, and to book the next appointment for a month’s time. The cycle will continue as we offer personalised guidance and advice along your low testosterone journey.

12 Month Review

After having embarked on the low testosterone journey for 12 months, a review will be booked where our specialists can review and evaluate the prescribed medication and any side effects, and arrange annual repeat blood tests.

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Menopause is the natural biological process that comes at the end of a woman's reproductive years, where her hormones have decreased. Estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone levels gradually decrease during the perimenopause, and drop dramatically as a woman reaches the menopause.
Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and is essential for the development of male sexual characteristics, as well as for maintaining bone density, muscle mass, and red blood cell production. However, as men age, their testosterone levels tend to decrease, which can result in a variety of symptoms, such as reduced sex drive, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

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