M Plan bespoke hormone replacement therapy support and treatment for women in the workplace


M Plan bespoke hormone replacement therapy support and treatment for women in the workplace

We offer a complete bespoke clinically supported menopause treatment plan – the M Plan.  The M Plan offers an end-to-end solution for individuals and corporates.  Bodyline has a consultative approach to ensure that the M Plan delivers positive outcomes for the patient as well as the organisation.  The Bodyline way is proven to optimise menopausal women’s health and wellbeing and in turn has positive benefits to business performance. 

At Bodyline, we recognise and support the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development approach to menopause in the workplace and that there is not a standardised and one size fits all approach.  Menopause policies and guidance, and therefore treatment plans, should be completely tailored to both business objectives and patient need.  Every woman’s experience of the menopause is individual with unique symptoms driven by personal hormone levels and every organisation has its own health and wellbeing strategy. 

The M Plan delivery at a patient level, in the workplace, includes fully supporting the menopause journey whether that be holistic or with a medical intervention with a bespoke hormone replacement therapy treatment plan, prescribing medications/supplements, and supplying the prescription through our supply infrastructure.

The menopause is a natural stage of life and menopausal women at work require the same support and understanding from employers as anyone with ongoing health conditions.  We work with companies and in collaboration with partners in the menopause industry to deliver corporate gold standard menopause treatments.

Bodyline’s M Plan delivers exceptional results with approximately 90% of patients having a successful outcome.  Some patient journeys in our experience take longer than others anything from three to six months and in some cases nine months depending on the complexity of the patient.

For larger corporates or business partners Bodyline’s M Plan solution is scalable through Bodylines UK wide medical infrastructure.

Key Menopause Facts

Menopause is fastest growing workplace demographic
In the UK, there are 14 million lost working days per annum due to menopause
£10 billion economic cost due to menopausal women leaving the workplace
90% of working women don’t know if their employer has a menopause policy
1 in 6 workers are women over 50 and the average age of the menopause is 51
3 in 5 women aged 45-55 say menopause symptoms negatively impact their work
8 in 10 menopausal women are in work
1 in 10 women leave work due to menopause
Most women will go through the menopause at some stage of their working life.
1/3 of women have not been able to go into work due to menopause symptoms
4 in 5 employers do not consider menopause symptoms during performance reviews of female staff
1 in 4 women consider leaving work due to menopause

your M PLan corporate journey

Step One:
Make an appointment with our Corporate Partnership Wellness Team

Contact our menopause customer service team to find out more about our M Plan - HRT Menopause Treatment and Support Plan for Corporates.

Book a meeting with our corporate partnership wellness team.

Step Two:
Corporate Wellness Audit and discuss Bodyline M Plan options.

Our corporate partnership wellness team will meet with you and provide an overview of Bodyline’s M Plan options – HRT Menopause Treatment and Support plan.

Step Three:
Bodyline M Plan proposal tailored to your organisation

The corporate M Plan delivery starts with an audit of the business to understand how menopause is managed and what, if any, treatment, and support solutions there are in place. We also gain clarity of the menopause demographic profile within your organisation and impact that menopause symptoms have on these employees. From this information a bespoke corporate M Plan with defined with deliverables proposed, and when agreed, signed off.

Step Four:
M Plan launch and organisational engagement

Bodyline support the launch of M Plan within your organisation. This includes training and generating awareness of the M Plan provision and its importance to the organisation.

Step Five:
M Plan patient roll out

At a patient level our specialist Menopause Nurses engage and carry out a complete medical history and take full blood profiling of the menopausal workforce. We then interpret those results to develop a bespoke supported patient M Plan, with or without medical intervention, that will lead to a successful outcome of reaching optimal health and performance.

When on the M Plan, women in the workplace feedback that they can perform their position in employment more confidently and effectively.

Step Six:
Continued patient support and M Plan deliverable reviews

Bodyline recognise that the menopause is a naturally evolving process and that as symptoms change the treatment and support plan needs to be adjusted. For the patient the M Plan support levels and treatment pathways are agreed and changed as per individual need.

Bodyline will also have agreed review meetings with the organisation, based on what was outlined in the corporate M Plan. The corporate M Plan will be refined to ensure deliverables and guaranteed business relevance.

Invest in treating and supporting working women through the menopause and improve your business performance

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Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the UK workforce with a third of the UK’s female population, around 13 million women, currently in the perimenopause or menopause stage of life. Menopausal age women between 45 and 54 make up 11% of the UK working demographic and 23% of all women in employment. Menopause, whilst a natural life transition that half the population will go through, has traditionally been a taboo subject particularly between men and women. A UCL-led study carried out in May 2021 found that 9 out 10 women were never educated about the menopause – it’s therefore no stretch to conclude that men have generally been even less informed on what to expect and how to deal with it, especially in the workplace.


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