Women’s health

Bespoke M Plan HRT treatments and personalised effective medical weight loss plans that support you to get back to being you.


Bespoke M Plan HRT treatments and personalised effective medical weight loss plans that support you to get back to being you

Women’s health

With our bespoke M Plan HRT treatments for perimenopause and menopause, and effective Medical Weight Loss solutions, we help all the women that we treat to change their lives for the better. Whether you are struggling with what could be menopause symptoms or want to lose some weight and improve your overall health, Bodyline will work and Bodyline cares. 

We can diagnose, treat, and support you through the menopause with our personalised M Plan menopause treatments.  Our holistic approach to treating the menopause, based on blood tests and personal symptoms, provides you with choice to embrace the menopause.  We offer tailored HRT prescriptions, essential vitamins and supplements, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle advice.

We offer safe, effective, and affordable medical weight loss treatments.  You can lose up to a stone in the first month on our medical weight loss programmes, in clinic or at home.  Our clinical team support you to reach your weight loss goals and maintain your weight thereafter by prescribing from our range of weight loss medications, assisting with changing eating habits, and advising you of lifestyle changes.

Latest women’s health news

Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you have tried every diet and exercise program out there. If you're feeling discouraged, you may be wondering if there is a solution that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 
Are you tired of trying every fad diet that promises quick results but always leaves you feeling frustrated and defeated? If you're struggling to lose weight and feel like you've tried everything, perhaps you are now interested in turning to weight loss programs to help with your weight loss journey.
If you are struggling to lose weight, you may have heard about Phentermine. Phentermine is a prescription medication that comes in the form of a little pink pill that is used to help suppress appetite and aid in weight loss. Here at Bodyline, we are taking a closer look at how Phentermine works for weight loss and its benefits for sustainable and successful weight management.

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