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Terms & Conditions

(1) Cancellations and Missed Appointments
we have amended our policy on Missed Appointments. Failure to attend an appointment, without giving 48 hours prior notice, will result in the £25 deposit being forfeited. A further £25 is required upon booking a new appointment. This will be held as a deposit on your account. If you attend your appointment this will either be deducted from the price of your treatment or refunded to you if we are unable to prescribe you based on medical grounds. If you cannot attend an appointment, please advise our Customer Service Team at least 48 hours before your appointment by telephoning 0800 995 6036. Messages via email and other channels are not a valid form of communication.

(2) Medication
Due to the legislative and regulatory requirements for the safe handling of prescriptive medication, no prescription medication can be returned once purchased.

(3) Credits
Credits on patient accounts are valid for 6-months from the date of issue. After 6-months this credit will not be able to be used against any further treatment.

(4) (i) Referral Promotion

(a) Recommend a ‘new’ patient to Bodyline.
(b) Once the referred ‘new’ patient has completed a full month of medication, both the referred ‘new’ and ‘existing’ referring patient receive £25 credit.
(c) There is no limit to how many people can be referred.
(d) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
(e) NHS discount clients receive £21.25 credit.

(4) (ii) Spring Offer

  1. £25 Credit
  2. NHS discount clients £21.25
  3. Offer expires 30.04.22
  4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  5. Not to be claimed with Saxenda treatments

(5) Post and Packaging
Post and Packaging charges will apply to all remote consultations when resulting in a prescription/order requiring delivery. This service is a tracked secure delivery via DHL this cost is currently £8.50 but could be subject to change if DHL charges are increased

(6) We can only offer prescriptive medication to patients with a BMI of over 27* and undergoing a Full Health Assessment by one of our Clinical Technicians.
*where the BMI is between 27 and 29.9 the clinician will establish if there are contributing factors to enable prescribing
When we cannot prescribe due to medical reasons, we can offer our Natural Herbal alternative medication as part of one of our Treatment programmes. Non prescribed medication Programmes are available to anyone with a BMI above 25.

(7) Our Treatment Plans are available to persons aged 18 – 69 years inclusive.

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