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Bodyline Clinic Birkenhead

We are currently working on an appointment only basis, please call us to book.

Bodyline Flex

Bodyline Flex is our new service that helps our customers lose weight around the pressures and time restrictions of everyday life. This new service allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of Bodyline but on a remote programme, as well as being able to venture into clinic for face-to-face support when needed.

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The Bodyline Clinic are echoing the official guidance from the government and Public Health England (PHE) regarding the prevention of the spread of infection of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Please see the NHS website here for all advice.

If you are looking to lose weight this year and have tried every fad diet under the sun with no results – then you need to join Bodyline.

Bodyline Clinic are the experts in prescription weight loss and will help guide you to lose weight safely, quickly and help you keep the pounds off long term. The team of nurses and doctors, all regulated by the home office and the CQC, will find the right weight loss programme for you, whether you are male or female, have two stone or ten stone to lose, we’re the weight loss provider for you.

Bodyline has nine clinics across the North West, with two in the Liverpool area – Birkenhead and Crosby. Our Birkenhead Clinic can be found on Chester Road in the CH41 5DL postcode, so is easy to find and stress-free to attend each week. Our expert team are on hand to help guide you every step of the way, from initial consultation through to reaching that all-important target. 

We are like no other slimming clinic and we are proud of that. Our medication is tried, tested and trusted to ensure each and every client loses the weight they want – but in a safe and clinical environment led by medical experts. We understand that everyone is unique, therefore you need a personal programme that will work for you.

Most of our clientele have tried every fad diet and are finally ready to lose the weight with the help of a team, a sense of community and medication that can help you focus on what’s important – becoming happier and healthier quickly. 

So, what medication does Bodyline prescribe? We use three products, two which are infamous appetite suppressants, Phentermine and Diethylpropion, as well as our brand-new SlimPen, also known as Saxenda. All of our medications will help you curb the cravings and focus on your weight loss plan without distraction, due to their hunger suppressing abilities.

All of our team have a vast knowledge of all our products and can prescribe the right one for your weight loss journey.  

So, if you want to lose up to a stone in just four weeks get in touch with Bodyline Clinic Birkenhead today and book your free* consultation! 

Bodyline is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Home Office. As part of our ongoing governance, we have regular inspections of our clinics and services to ensure we continue to deliver the utmost safety to any client in our care. Here is the most recent inspection report from our Birkenhead Clinic, in which we received a GOOD rating.

*deposit paid on booking and refunded in full should you not fit our prescribing criteria

Weight Loss Clinic Birkenhead
Bodyline Birkenhead Team

Birkenhead Team

Birkenhead Nursing Team

All of our clinical teams are experts in weight loss and Bodyline Birkenhead is no different. The team are friendly, warm and supportive, they will be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to reaching your weight loss target.

All of our team have been with us for many years and have helped thousands of individuals to become happier and healthier by following our unique weight loss programmes. They will celebrate each milestone with you, give you on-going advice to help a steady weight loss and can pick you up if you ever feel defeatist.

There is a real sense of community here at Bodyline, and with our new 24/7 digital hub, named B.O.D there is never a better time to join. This means you can access support wherever you are, whatever the time – ensuring you stick to your long-term goals.

Bodyline Birkenhead is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week, so why not join Bodyline today, meet our wonderful Birkenhead team and start your own journey to success.

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