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Bodyline Clinic Crosby

Being overweight can lead to a number of physical and mental problems but we understand that the apprehension of starting your weight loss journey can often outweigh the benefits of taking the plunge and shifting those pounds, so why not choose Bodyline Clinic to help you take that step?

Bodyline Clinic’s Crosby branch is located in Waterloo, Liverpool, an accessible location for residents of various areas of Liverpool. A warm and welcoming environment that doesn’t have a medical feel, our Crosby Clinic is led by a team of nurses who live and breathe what we do.

The team at Bodyline Crosby are as passionate about your weight loss as you are. We believe dropping the pounds is a team effort, so if you’re dedicated to slimming your waistline then our team are too. On hand to provide you with a custom weight loss plan that is tailored to your exact needs, our plans take your current weight, health and lifestyle into consideration, as well as your goals for what you want to achieve, helping you to succeed.

We don’t set you unrealistic diets or encourage the use of fad weight loss shakes. We put our trust into medically tried and tested products that have a proven track record of delivering lasting and sustainable results. As well as two well-known appetite suppressant medications: Phentermine and Diethylpropion, we are also now proud to be using a revolutionary new slimming pen in our Crosby clinic called SlimPen, also known as Saxenda.

As well as prescribing you with the physical products you need to get the results you want, the team at Bodyline Crosby are also on hand to offer unlimited support throughout your weight loss journey. Our clinic is open two days a week for consultations and reviews but our email address and phone number can be contacted throughout the week if you have any questions you need answering.

Don’t put off a healthier, happier lifestyle any longer. Contact Bodyline Clinic Crosby today to arrange your free* consultation to find out how we can help you in losing weight and gaining a whole new lease of life.

*deposit paid on booking and refunded in full should you not fit our prescribing criteria

Bodyline Crosby
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Crosby Nursing Team

Ensuring all our clients are properly cared for at our Crosby clinic is our in house nursing staff, made up of a select number of nurses and prescribers that are qualified to the highest standards and experienced in the field.

Passionate about the products we use and the advice we deliver, the Crosby clinic team have been part of Bodyline for a number of years, so are the perfect individuals to support you on you journey with us, able to provide you with in depth knowledge and guidance as you go.

The full Crosby nursing team are available to visit in clinic during specific hours on a Wednesday and a Saturday where they are able to provide product updates, progress checks and further advice should you feel you need it.

Book your consultation at our Crosby clinic today to meet the staff in house!

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