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Bodyline Clinic Openshaw

Bodyline Clinic’s Openshaw branch is Lancashire’s number one destination for safe and effective weight loss. Run by a team of qualified and experienced doctors and nurses, using only the best tried and tested products on the market, results are guaranteed at Bodyline Clinic Openshaw.

Motivated by our clients’ determinations to look and feel good, the nursing team at our Openshaw Clinic have a genuine passion for providing our clients with the tools they need to shift stubborn pounds and get the figure they’ve always dreamed of.

Our weight loss programmes are not just unique from all other competing companies but are individual to each client, so you’re never just one of the thousands of people who have trusted Bodyline Clinic when you’re under the care of our Openshaw branch, you and your journey matters.

Fad diets might work for some, as may over the counter weight loss supplements but do the results last? Rarely. We use a combination of medically tested and trusted weight loss products to help our clients achieve their weight loss targets.

Alongside America’s number one slimming medication, Phentermine, we also use a second slimming medication called Diethylpropion. Both of these medications are appetite suppressants, one of the most effective forms of slimming tablets.

As well as these two tablets, we also use an innovative new product called SlimPen, also known as Saxenda, which is a revolutionary new weight loss pen that makes slimming down easier than ever before.

The difference with Bodyline Clinic in comparison to all other slimming centres is that we believe in personalisation. A personal approach to weight loss is the most effective and when you visit Bodyline Openshaw, you’ll be greeted with a specific plan to suit you, dependent on your medical history, current weight and goals.

We also believe that losing weight isn’t just about the person trying to drop the pounds, it’s a team effort. No one can achieve their dream body without the help and support of others which is why the nursing team at our Openshaw Clinic aren’t just there to provide slimming advice but support and words of encouragement too.

Start your weight loss journey for the last time with Bodyline Clinic Openshaw because once you’ve slimmed down with our help, you’ll never need to start difficult diets and fad weight loss products again.

*deposit paid on booking and refunded in full should you not fit our prescribing criteria

Openshaw Treatment Room
Bodyline Openshaw Team

Openshaw Team

Openshaw Nursing Team

Bodyline Openshaw is run by a small team of carefully selected qualified nurses and prescribers who are passionate about delivering life changing weight loss results using the products we believe in most here at Bodyline.

Each individual member of the team at our Openshaw clinic play a valuable role in the running of the branch, each with their own unique approach to guiding and advising clients on their weight loss journey. The one thing all our Openshaw staff have in common is their high level of experience in medicine and specifically weight loss, making them the ideal people to have on hand for assistance and support during your weight loss journey.

Our Openshaw clinic is taking appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays where you can go for face to face consultations with the friendly and encouraging team, so book your appointment today.

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