Does Perimenopause Need Treatment?

Perimenopause is the time in a woman’s life as her body gradually approaches the menopause and estrogen levels fluctuate over time, but does the perimenopause need treatment?

There are currently 13 million perimenopausal women in the U.K., making up a very large demographic of people, actually a third of the entire UK female population, with life altering symptoms of the menopause. Perimenopause and its symptoms can vary from woman to woman, but due to the estrogen rises and falls over this period, the body will be consistently changing, with irregular periods, trouble sleeping, and low moods.

But how do you know if your perimenopause needs treatment?


Low moods

When lower moods and irritability becomes a problem and significantly alters a woman’s quality of life, she may do well to seek Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment to target the source of her low moods. With bespoke or standardised HRT treatments, estrogen and other hormone deficiencies can be brought back into balance and regulated, improving moods and optimising health.

Night sweats

An uncomfortable night’s sleep along with insomnia can significantly impact someone’s mental health, ability to perform everyday tasks, and general quality of life. When loss of sleep becomes a problem that must be dealt with, HRT treatment is the perfect solution.

With Bodyline’s supportive programmes, HRT can help perimenopausal women combat their symptoms and get ahead of menopause, pre-emptively balancing their hormones.

Hot flashes

The most common of perimenopausal symptoms are hot flashes, which vary in intensity, length, and frequency. This symptom can range from manageable to life changing which may need treatment.

Vaginal dryness

Causing a host of other vaginal issues such as tears, urinary tract infections, and painful sex, vaginal dryness can really impact a perimenopausal woman’s physical and mental health. Rather than treat such symptoms with antibiotics, this sign of perimenopause would do better with HRT treatment.

Why is treating perimenopause important?

When symptoms of the menopause and hormonal fluctuations become too much to bear, perimenopause treatment is the best solution.

Here at Bodyline, we offer bespoke personalised HRT plans that target your symptoms and balance your hormones with full support and guidance from our specialist menopause team.

Call us today or fill out an enquiry form for a consultation to find out more about how HRT can improve your life.


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