Warrington low testosterone clinic

Warrington low testosterone clinic

Welcome to the Warrington low testosterone clinic

Professional and friendly service by medically qualified staff. Video appointments in the comfort of your own home and support available whenever you need it to help you along the way with your low testosterone treatment.

Welcome to the Warrington low testosterone clinic

447 Manchester Rd, Paddington, Warrington WA1 3TZ, UK

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With 150 combined years of experience between them, our team is here to help you through every step of your low testosterone treatment. All of our clinics are CQC accredited.

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Frequently asked questions

Andropause is known as the ‘male menopause’.  Andropause is an age-related change in male hormone levels.  Decreasing testosterone in men usually starts at about 40 years of age.  It is a period of gradual adjustment where the body adjusts to low levels of testosterone.

Having low testosterone is a recognised medical deficiency in one of the main sex hormones in males. When a man suffers from low testosterone levels, his symptoms may manifest in both short- and long-term problems. These can include but are not limited to a reduced sexual libido, erectile dysfunction, brain fog, irritability, and loss of strength and/or muscle mass.

These issues can have a serious impact on male mental health, which is why here at Bodyline we offer low testosterone treatments for our male patients.

If you suffer from symptoms such as brain fog, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, low moods, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, loss of strength, memory loss, hair thinning and loss, or loss of muscle mass, you may have low testosterone levels.

Bodyline offers blood tests and analysis to identify whether our male patients are deficient in hormones and vitamins such as testosterone, DHEA, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12. One of our specialists will interpret your results, discuss your options, and prescribe our treatments if required.

By taking testosterone through our low testosterone HRT treatment, your levels will rise to their optimum level and the side effects will gradually decrease and diminish. It will replace the hormones your body is no longer producing, and bring you back to your optimal health.

It can vary from person to person as to how long their symptoms may last, and what their medical history and blood profiling suggest. It is advisable to take HRT up to 5 years, however BHRT is safe to be taken across a lifetime.

It couldn’t be easier to start your journey with us here at Bodyline. All you need to do is call our dedicated team on 0800 995 6036 to book your appointment.

Our team will talk you through our low testosterone treatments and how they work depending on where you live in the country.

Once we have taken your bloods, we will organise a follow up consultation, either face to face or remotely over video call approximately 10 days later. This is where the Specialist Nurse will interpret your results, discuss your options, and prescribe if appropriate.

Bodyline discuss your menopause symptoms and analyse your blood to determine if you require testosterone and DHEA.  If needed, you will be prescribed testosterone and DHEA.

To get the ball rolling with Bodyline’s bespoke hormone treatments, first contact our hormone replacement experts by calling 0800 995 6036, or filling in an online contact form for a call back.

Our supportive customer service team will discuss Bodyline’s low testosterone treatment options for men, clarify your treatment support options and confirm pricing.

They will arrange a convenient appointment for you with one of our specialist nurses. 

At your first consultation with one of Bodyline’s specialist nurses, you will have your bloods taken to analyse testosterone levels at our independent laboratory, discuss your full medical history and ask you to complete a symptom questionnaire.   

Your next consultation with a specialist nurse will include reviewing and interpreting your blood test results.  Your blood results will be discussed, and your own symptoms confirmed from your first consultation. If treatment is indicated a second blood sample is taken for analysis to ascertain your hormone levels and vitamin deficiencies.  

One of our specialist nurses will analyse and review your second blood test results and a bespoke treatment plan will be agreed.  Your treatment plan is tailored to your symptoms and hormone and vitamin requirements. Full lifestyle advice will be given including bespoke advice around nutrition and the appropriate use of supplements. We will also advise the best way to administer the chosen prescription.

Depending on blood results your prescription could include testosterone, DHEA, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

Once you have received your medication in person or through the post, you will receive a support call a fortnight later to discuss any potential side effects and initial reactions.   A further consultation is arranged after a month of treatment to review and evaluate your treatment

Thereafter, we offer support calls so that you have the opportunity to highlight any issues, questions, or queries, and to book the next appointment for a month’s time. The cycle will continue as we offer personalised guidance and advice along your low testosterone journey.

After having embarked on the low testosterone journey for 12 months, a review will be booked where our specialists can review and evaluate the prescribed medication and any side effects, and arrange annual repeat blood tests.

Bodyline Clinic offers male hormone treatments tailored to you.  Our treatments and support are unique to the individual. The nurse led support and bespoke hormone treatments allow us to target the symptoms of low testosterone levels you suffer from directly, while giving you the place you need to get advice, guidance and motivation along your treatment journey.

Our medications are sourced from UK accredited laboratories, and we ensure safety by sourcing our BHRT from UK labs with accredited manufacturing practices!

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