Find our how Bodyline helped a mother, daughter and daughter-in-law lose a combined weight of 10 stone

Kim Rowarth, a primary school worker from Glossop, kickstarted the family’s incredible weight loss journey when she found out she needed knee surgery towards the end of 2021, pushing her to urgently change her lifestyle.

Kim, 54, had tried almost every diet, from Atkins to diet groups, raspberry ketones and extreme “detoxes” that involved eating just eggs and walnuts – she had attempted it all and nothing seemed to work.

A friend whose husband had lost five stone with Bodyline suggested she try it, and to Kim’s delight she found that the tailored weight loss programme and community support of the weekly clinics worked for her.

“It’s changed my life,” says Kim. “I work in reception in a primary school so I’m up and down running after the children. It’s made me more confident and it’s just amazing. My knee is better since I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve been walking every day now I’ve lost all the weight.

Kim lost a stone within her first month at Bodyline, and spurred on by her initial results, she stuck to her programme and has managed to shed an incredible 4.5 stone. A transformation that has impacted every area of her life.

“I just feel totally different,” she continued. “People have walked past me in the street and not noticed it’s me, which just means you obviously look that different don’t you.”

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Keeping it in the family: how the Rowarths lost a combined 10st

Little did Kim know when she began her remarkable weight loss journey, that it would trigger a domino effect, inspiring the other women in her family to make their own positive lifestyle changes.

Watching her mother’s incredible transformation, daughter Aimee, 31 was pushed to follow her footsteps after struggling with her weight for years. Explaining why she was motivated to join Bodyline, she said:

“I’ve always been to various random diet groups and never got anywhere with it. I was sick of the way that I was.

“When I used to go out anywhere and catch a glimpse of myself, I used to pull my t-shirt away from my stomach constantly out of habit.

“That was until I saw how well my mum had done and I thought I’d try it. I’ve never looked back. I’ve lost three stone and I feel better than ever.”

But it didn’t stop there, Kim’s daughter-in-law, Hannah, 37, was also looking to lose the weight she’d gained after having children, she explained:

“I’d had two children by caesarean section, and it was a real struggle trying to get the weight off, particularly where it was sitting on the scar line.

“Before that, I’d never struggled with my weight and used to regularly run. When I had children, when I just piled the weight on.”

With a combination of nurse-led weight loss medication and the celebrated community support, the pair lost three stone each, taking the family’s combined weight loss total to over 10 stone.

“My own grandma didn’t notice me.”

For 31-year-old Aimee Rowarth-Price, losing the weight has permeated every area of her life, not just the way she looks.

“My own grandma didn’t notice me,” she laughs. “No joke, my own gran didn’t recognise me.”

“I’m just a lot happier. Everyone at work comments about it, someone actually said that I look taller and it’s probably because now I stand up properly instead of slouching and trying to hide my belly.

“I stand with more confidence… My wife says I seem a lot happier and confident in everything I do. She does occasionally moan a bit because she says now, I’m getting too skinny., I’d never have thought that would be an issue before!”

For Hannah, one of the biggest positives has been the fact that she is back to her pre-baby weight, allowing her to enjoy being a mum and keep up with her young children.

“I’m more energetic,” she says. “I’ve got a two-year-old so that keeps me on my toes, but now I have more energy with my children and I don’t get out of breath.

“Life is so much easier, and you feel so much nicer when you do go out and get dressed up. I feel nice in a dress again, and it’s been a long time coming.”

And as an added bonus, the trio were able to make over £2000 from selling their old wardrobes. What they lost in weight, they gained in cash.

The Bodyline Clinical Weight Loss Process

Kim, Aimee and Hannah all attended the Bodyline Clinic in Stockport where they were either prescribed Phentermine or Diethylpropion appetite suppressants, according to which suited their lifestyle and medical history better.

At the initial weigh in, the family felt at ease and supported by both the staff and other patients.

The nurses weigh each patient, check their blood pressure and work out a tailored diet and exercise plan to fit with each person’s lifestyle in order to help them reach their goals.

It is this personalised approach that helps Bodyline to achieve success time and again where other diets have failed. Bodyline’s CEO Sally-Ann Turner, who has helped thousands of women across the North West to transform their lives, said:

“People come to Bodyline because they have tried everything, they’re often at their wits end and desperate to make positive changes. They stay with us, not just because our programmes do work quickly, but because they feel supported and part of a community. Our clients feel that they can be themselves without judgement. It’s our company ethos that helps us time and again to support people to lose weight, even where they have failed before.”

That’ a view certainly supported by Kim’s experience at the clinics:

“At my first appointment, these two other ladies told me how much weight they’d lost and how they’d done it so I can do it too.

“The motivational support was amazing,” she concludes. When there’s someone else in the waiting room at all your appointments, they always say well done. It’s such a supportive little community. I didn’t want to have let them down by not losing weight! Bodyline has changed everything.”

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