How much have you lost or gained during lockdown?

Our research has revealed that weight gain has been one of the country’s biggest worries since lockdown measures were introduced to combat coronavirus.

We surveyed over 2,000 UK adults (including many of our customers) and found that putting on weight/overeating was cited by 38% of respondents as their main concern (aside from catching coronavirus). It was by far the most popular answer, ranking higher than money (11%), not seeing family or friends (11%) and mental health (9%).

Yet despite these concerns, 75% said they’d been eating more because of the stress of the current situation and 74% admitted to having put on weight. Our survey also found that on average, people in the UK have put on nearly half a stone (6lb) since March when lockdown measures were announced by the UK Government.

In Birkenhead, 22% of respondents said they had put on more than a stone, with an average weight gain of 7lbs. St Helens and Stoke residents also had an average weight gain of 7lbs.

Crosby, Warrington and Stockport residents gained an average of 6lbs, with 10% of Crosby gaining over a stone since lockdown began in March.

In Shotton and Wilmslow, the average weight gain was 5lbs, with 10% of Shotton residents putting on over a stone since the beginning of isolation.

Factors behind the huge number of us overeating included boredom (55%) and stress/anxiety (23%).

Being overweight has now been identified by scientists as a risk factor for developing more severe symptoms with coronavirus. According to the health survey for England, 28.7% of the UK population is classed as obese, with a further 35.6% being overweight but not obese.

Sally-Ann Turner, Bodyline’s managing director said:

“The results of this survey confirm our belief that health and wellbeing is a top priority for most people at the moment, especially as scientists are finding more links between obesity and the most severe COVID-19 symptoms. As weight gain and overall health is obviously a real worry for large sections of society, I was to stress that the team and I have over 17 years’ experience of helping thousands of people achieve their weight-loss goals and lead healthier lives.”

“Many of our clients have a very difficult relationship with food. They come to us having tried many other pathways to losing weight, all of which have failed. As they’ve started making headway with their weight loss (some for the first time in their lives) they were then forced into lockdown, so it’s understandable why so many of them are worried about being set back.”

Throughout the coronavirus crisis Bodyline has very quickly adapted its services to launch a brand-new Bodyline Flex and Bodyline Home programmes, so we can continue to provide services via remote consultations and a direct to the door delivery service of our range of medications.

Sally-Ann ended: “We’ve worked hard to adapt and also create a new programme to keep our services accessible to existing customers during the outbreak. As a result of this we’re hoping to reach a lot more people in the future as lockdown measures are eased.”

In addition to being the one of the UK’s leading prescription weight loss company, Bodyline is also CQC regulated, recognising our absolute dedication to client safety.

Following the guidance of the government, we have re-opened our doors across eight sites (excluding Shotton) and will operate by appointment only. Customers are encouraged to use the Bodyline Flex and Bodyline Home treatment plans with remote prescription options. Find out more here or call 0845 491 8750. 

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