How To Achieve 10,000 Steps Every Day

There’s nothing ground-breaking about the number 10,000. The idea of hitting 10,000 steps a day actually stems back to the 1960s, where a Japanese pedometer called the “manpo-kei” became popular. This translates to 10,000 steps metre, and so the idea caught on quickly.


The goal of hitting your step count each day is great because it’s achievable to most people with a bit of an extra push. Having a target to work towards gives you a sense of ambition to get out and be active! By hitting 10,000 steps each day of the week, you could burn an extra 2000-3500 calories, which amounts to one pound of fat!


Here’s some great ways to help you hit your 10,000 steps.


Park Far Away

This is a really simple trick that you can fit into your shopping routine, school run, or even when you get back home. Parking further away will force you to add on extra steps that you otherwise wouldn’t have done. This works for bus users too – just get off at the stop before if you’ve got some spare time to and add on a half an hour’s walk to your journey. You might even enjoy a bit of fresh air, and it will even help to improve your concentration too.


Don’t Fast Forward Adverts

When you’re watching the television, every time there’s a five minute break, don’t fast forward if you’re watching on catch up. Instead, get up and walk around your house, or run up and down the stairs to get your step count up.


Drink More Water

Drinking lots of water is always recommended by health experts. The extra trips to the sink to fill up your glass (as well as visiting the loo more often) will add to your 10,000 steps too.


Play Games With Your Kids

Instead of sitting on the bench at the playground, get up and walk around with them, even get involved with some of the games. Hide and seek or a game of tig can rack up 10,000 steps alone!


Choose Stairs

If you usually take the lift at work or in other buildings, why not take the stairs? If it’s too many floors for you to climb then consider using the lift for half and walking up the rest.


So there you have it, you don’t have to go on long walks to hit your daily target, there’s plenty of little things you can add to your daily routine to keep you active and stay in shape.


Let us know how you got on and share your tips in the comments below!

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