How To Exercise While Your Kids Are Home

Lots of our Bodyline clients are busy mums. We often hear people say that there’s not any time to fit in exercising, but if you get creative there are some easy ways that you can fit exercise into your schedules without having to spend less time with your kids.


Make chores count

Who says that exercising has to always be intense? You can get some extra calories burned while you’re cooking tea or doing the ironing by dancing around or squatting in the kitchen. Your kids might think it’s funny and may even join in too.


Family fun

It’s important for kids to stay active and healthy, and with the recent rise in childhood obesity, why not get your kids involved with your workouts too? There are plenty of family activities that both children and adults can join in on, or you could just step into your garden and play around with a ball for half an hour – which would tire any adult out more than the gym for sure!


Buddy up

If you have friends with children that are similar ages to your own, buddy up and take in turns having each other kids while the other goes to the gym, or do activities as a big group like swimming or play centres. You could even go to the gym together after the school drop off. This can be really motivating as you’ll not want to let each other down.


Get a jog stroller

Nap times can often seem like wasted time when you’re busy, so why not turn them into activities by getting your hands on a jog stroller. These buggies have bigger wheels and therefore offer less resistance, so your child won’t feel all the bumps of the pavements. If they wake up along the way, then they usually don’t mind the fresh air and adventure themselves! Whether you go for a 45 minute jog or a 10 minute walk around the block, this is a sure way of adding some extra steps into your daily routine.


So, no more excuses! Get out and get exercising!

Let us know what exercises you fit into your family life in the comments below.

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