How To Keep Fit During Winter Months

With the days getting shorter and colder, we know that it gets harder to keep fit during the cold season. We’ve put together our top tips on how you can keep moving this winter and fight away those winter blues.


Set Goals


What is it that you want to work towards? By setting a goal, you’ll have something to keep you on track. You’ll be more likely to succeed if you write this down somewhere. Once you do hit your target, you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment.


Even if this is just planning your goals for the upcoming week, it doesn’t have to be big and totally unachievable. Try writing it down on a piece of paper and sticking it on the inside of your wardrobe door so you see it every morning.


Don’t Make Excuses


When the days are feeling shorter, it’s easy to use a lack of time as an excuse –  but remember, the days are still just as long!


You don’t have to be out and about, you can fit little exercises into your normal daily routines. While you brush your teeth, do two minutes of squats. Or, buy some little weights and do arm exercises at night while you’re sat watching the TV.


Bring The Gym Home


If you lack the motivation to get out of your house at night when the conditions are so horrible outside, buy yourself a couple of fitness DVDs or have a look on YouTube for videos that you can try at home from the comfort of your living room.


You can make this into a regular “Fitness Fun” night with some friends and invite them over for a workout, with some healthy snacks to follow.


Book Classes


If you don’t think that home videos will keep you motivated, why not invest in some fitness classes to attend in the evenings. Yoga and pilates classes are a great way to keep your fitness and flexibility up, while staying comfortable indoors.


You can even book some sessions with a personal trainer if you want more of a regimented approach over the winter to keep you in top shape. Zumba is another good one for those that love dancing!


Morning Motivation


With the evenings closing in before you even get home from work, we would all agree that cosying up under a blanket with a hot water bottle is the only thing you want to do at night. Take advantage of the mornings, wake up half an hour earlier and try to fit in a workout first thing.


Exercising in the morning has been proven to improve your mood and energise you for the rest of your day. Once you get into this habit, there’ll be no stopping you!


Be Safe


Whether you’re going for a run in the dark evenings, or exercising in a colder room, always make sure you stay safe. Wear something reflective if you’re out in the dark, and ALWAYS do your warm ups before you start.


If you don’t feel safe going out alone, find a buddy to come along with you. People are often more motivated when working with a partner as you push each other to work harder and don’t want to let one another down.


So, remember, set yourself goals, stay active and don’t let yourself go into hibernation this winter!

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