How To Keep Your Anxieties Under Control  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with anxiety, especially at times of uncertainty and change. Anxiety can cause people to feel both physically and emotionally drained, with symptoms like panic attacks, depression, insomnia and fatigue often coinciding with anxiety. There are many things that you can do in order to keep all of those feelings at bay, and we’ve put together some of the most useful tips that you can try from the comfort of your own home.

Write It Down
You could be sat on a gorgeous island with the sun shining onto your skin and still feel worried for no reason whatsoever. That’s one of the worst parts of having anxiety – sometimes it’s hard to know why you’re anxious in the first place. Awareness is the first step to feeling more like yourself, so writing things down in a little journal or on the notes section of your phone can be a really handy tool in identifying what gets you riled up. Write down what you’ve done for the past hour or so and how exactly you are feeling, and you may start to notice patterns after a couple of weeks about things that trigger you. There are lots of studies to show that this can help to reduce stress.

Walk Away
Sometimes, anxiety can start to develop when your adrenalin builds up in your body. You can metaphorically walk away from it to use up the extra adrenalin, and you’ll notice that you feel a lot calmer afterwards. Walking in the countryside has been shown to reduce stress levels more than walking in the city, so if possible, try to go somewhere quiet and surrounded by nature. That can be just walking into the garden or to your nearest park or green area.

Known for its therapeutic abilities, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular to ease symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia and (you guessed it) anxiety. Its calming effects are fast acting and non-invasive as it’s a 100% natural product. You can use it alongside any medication, and will be sure to benefit from using it regularly. We sell a range of Dr CBD Rx products in our online shop which you can visit by clicking here.

Drink Water
Being dehydrated can cause the body to react by increasing the heart rate, and can therefore make you feel like you’re getting nervous and anxious. It can even be a trigger for a panic attack! Take extra care to drink your two litres of water a day, especially as the weather is starting to get nicer. Make sure you stay away from drinks containing caffeine in general as these will also cause your heart rate to race.

Talk To Someone
If you have a close friend or family member that you feel comfortable with, talking about your anxieties can be a huge help, especially if they’ve been through something similar too. Tell them exactly what you’re feeling and hopefully they’ll be able to comfort you and help you reason about what’s worrying you.

If you think that it’s become a bigger problem, try talking to a professional therapist or some guided meditation to help ease your nerves. You’ll learn techniques and skills to really help get your anxiety under control.


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