How to Lose Weight for Holiday

Incredible news, international travel is officially back on the menu! Will it be cocktails on the beach, a romantic dinner in a European city, or a once in a lifetime get-a-way? Either way, you may feel the pressure to start losing weight in preparation.

However, there’s always so much conflicting information on losing weight for the summer. You may be tempted to start a fad diet in search for the elusive “beach ready body” or make drastic changes that aren’t sustainable. However, Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes have ensured over 100,000 people achieve their goals, and you could be one of them!

So, in order to prepare for your holiday and reach your weight loss goals in a safe, manageable way, we’ve compiled for you some dos and don’ts in weight loss holiday preparation!

Start your medical weight loss journey today

DO use your holiday plans as a motivation for you to lose weight. It’s great having something tangible and real that you can aspire to and look forward to. Imagine yourself at the beach feeling confident in your own skin, thinking about the fun you’re having on holiday rather than covering up your body.

DON’T start a fad diet. Consistency is key! Eat healthily, stay active and make manageable changes to your lifestyle. Fad diets may work for the short term, but most people end up gaining it all back. If you want real sustainable results, Bodyline’s medical weight loss is a way to lose weight for the long term. Start your journey with Bodyline today by filling in our online contact form!

DO make a plan! The goals you set for yourself are always more manageable when you set out realistic dates and mini goals for the time leading up to it. Be realistic; dropping 6 clothes sizes is never going to happen in 6 months. Get a habit tracking app or journal to watch your progress across your journey!

DON’T neglect your mental health! Meditation, CBD supplements, and being open with your emotions can ensure you stay on track with your goals and your confidence. Bodyline offers one-to-one consultations that will be there for you if you feel you ever need further support from our experienced nurses and staff.

DO stay active! Get walking, swimming, or jogging! Keep moving, not only will it give you other physical goals to focus on, but it will improve your confidence massively for your holiday. Research shows that regular exercise can significantly improve our self-esteem and boost our confidence. By increasing the production of endorphins in your body, your mood is enhanced, and your mind is in a much more positive state!

Start your medical weight loss journey today

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