How To Organise Your Life

People that are organised aren’t born that way, they develop healthy habits that help them stay on top of things, which in turn can make them feel more relaxed. If you feel like your life is always upside-down, here are some really simple tricks to get you back on track.

Write Things Down
If you’re constantly forgetting birthdays and missing appointments, writing them down is a sure way to help you remember. Having a digital or visual calendar somewhere that you will see daily is a much more permanent way of remembering key dates and events rather than trying to contain them all in your head. From shopping lists to business meetings, it’s a fool-proof way of being the queen or kind of organisation. If you really start to enjoy feeling so organised, why not write a diary with everything that has happened in your day. This is great for if you’ve just had a baby or have a big day such as a wedding coming up, as you can look back at the memories in a few year’s time that you may have otherwise forgot. Make sure that you choose either a physical or digital diary and not both, otherwise you’ll put some information in one and some in the other and will end up still forgetting things!

Make Schedules
Set yourself a deadline for getting important things done, and stick to it. If you set out a daily or weekly plan of everything that you need to achieve and cross them off as you go along, there’s no way you can forget. When you start to get on top of this, you can write down a bucket list of things that you would like to do in your free time, and start to enjoy living in the moment more.

Give Everything a Home
You’ll notice that organised people seem to live a tidier life. Give everything you own a home, and make sure it stays there when it’s not in use. By storing things like this, your home will feel less cluttered, and you can even start to introduce storage containers and labels to make sure that nothing will ever be out of place. Start small – don’t try and re-organise your whole house at a time. Choose one cupboard or drawer at a time and work through areas that need the most attention, you’ll soon notice that life becomes less stressful when you don’t misplace things every day.

As you start to organise your home, there will be items that you haven’t used for months or years. Hold them in your hand and have a good think about whether you really want or need it, and if it’s not a necessity, get rid! The first few items might be hard, but when you start to get into the swing of it you will find it easy to make a quick decision. Try watching some of Marie Kondo’s videos if you haven’t done so already – does it spark “joy”?


So, give these quick tips a try next time you have some free time on your hands and you will soon start to feel like you’ve got a firm grip on your life! Let us know how you get on.

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