Is Mounjaro the Same as WeGovy?

When it comes to weight loss medications, thanks to recent incredible research there are now several options available in the market. 

Two popular medications that have gained attention for their effectiveness in promoting weight loss are Mounjaro and WeGovy. While they may have some similarities, it’s important to understand the differences between them before seeking out medical weight loss injections.

Here at Bodyline, we are at the forefront of the latest medical weight loss treatments as they become available in the UK. That’s why we are exploring what Mounjaro and WeGovy are, how they can help with weight loss, who can use them, and their potential side effects to ensure those interested are fully informed.

What is Mounjaro?

Mounjaro, also known as tirzepatide, is a prescription medication that was formulated as a treatment for people with type 2 diabetes by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. However, in recent game-changing trials tirzepatide was seen to produce brilliant weight loss results in those suffering from obesity. 

It is produced by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Mounjaro activates two receptors at the same time.  It is classified as a ‘dual-agonist’.  This double agonist approach seems to cause people who use Mounjaro weekly injections to lose even more weight than those who use a single-agonist medication.  These receptors stimulate hormones that control blood sugar levels and reduce appetite, triggering weight loss.  The receptors are known as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP).

In the UK, as of November 2023 Mounjaro has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to be prescribed as a weight loss management treatment. It will be available to those who have a BMI of over 30 and those with a BMI of over 27 but suffer with weight related health problems like prediabetes or high blood pressure.

Bodyline is at the forefront of providing the latest obesity treatment options, as we continue to offer safe, effective, and sustainable medical weight loss programmes.

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What is WeGovy?

WeGovy is another prescription medication used for weight loss. It belongs to the class of GLP-1 receptor agonists and contains the active ingredient semaglutide. Semaglutide is also prescribed and sold under the brand name Ozempic, produced by the same pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. WeGovy, however, is a higher dosage and is specifically prescribed in the treatment of obesity, where Ozempic is generally marketed towards type 2 diabetes.

Similar to Mounjaro, WeGovy mimics the effects of GLP-1 in the body to promote weight loss by curbing appetite and reducing caloric intake. WeGovy is also administered through a once-weekly injection.

How Can Mounjaro and WeGovy Help with Weight Loss?

Both Mounjaro and WeGovy are medications that have been shown to assist individuals in weight loss as a side effect.

They work by regulating blood sugar levels, reducing appetite, and promoting feelings of fullness and satiety. By incorporating these medications into a comprehensive weight loss programme that includes a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity, individuals may experience significant and sustainable weight loss. 

This is because thanks to the help of weight loss injections like Mounjaro and WeGovy, users are able to stick to a caloric deficit, thus burning more calories than they consume and leading to a loss in excess fat.

Who Can Get Mounjaro or WeGovy?

The eligibility to receive Mounjaro or WeGovy depends on various factors, including overall health, weight loss goals, and individual needs. 

WeGovy and Mounjaro can be prescribed to people who are overweight and suffering from weight related health problems and those with a BMI of 30 or above, therefore falling under the category of obesity.

These medications are prescription-only and should be obtained under the supervision of a healthcare professional in a specialized weight management clinic like Bodyline.

Where Can I Buy Mounjaro?

Mounjaro, being a prescription medication, cannot be purchased over the counter or online without proper medical consultation in the UK. If you are seeing online stores offering the sale of semaglutide or tirzepatide injectable therapies without consultations, these are not regulated and should not be trusted. 

Unfortunately, there have been worrying reports of people reacting terribly to weight loss injections bought online. Always seek the advice of health professionals and specialists before using prescription medications.

What Are the Side Effects of Mounjaro and WeGovy?

As with any medication, Mounjaro and WeGovy may have potential side effects.  

Common side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation. Some individuals may also experience injection site reactions or changes in appetite. 

It is important to note that individual responses to medications can vary, and not everyone may experience the same side effects. Healthcare professionals will provide detailed information about potential side effects and how to manage them.

Some people respond to WeGovy or Mounjaro with more severe side effects, which is why it is vital to use weight loss injections as part of a supported programme so that these impacts can be monitored, and prescriptions can be altered or titrated.

Weight Loss Treatments with Bodyline

Prescribing the right weight loss medication requires the consideration of various factors, including overall health, weight loss goals, and individual needs. It’s essential to consult with a clinical professional, such a specialized weight management clinic like Bodyline. We can assess your specific situation and provide personalized recommendations, along with a holistic, bespoke treatment plan.

During an initial consultation, healthcare professionals consider factors like medical history, current medications, and underlying health conditions. They help determine the most suitable weight loss medication, such as Mounjaro or Ozempic, based on your goals and needs.

Remember that weight loss medications should only be used within a fully supported program under the guidance of a healthcare professional. The program should include a reduced-calorie diet, increased physical activity, and lifestyle modifications.

Keep in mind that weight loss is a journey that requires a holistic approach, including healthy eating, regular physical activity, and lifestyle modifications. While weight loss medications can be helpful, they should always be used under proper medical supervision.If you want more information about weight loss medications and personalized weight loss programs, contact Bodyline today at 0800 995 6036 or fill out our online contact form for a call back. Our experienced healthcare professionals can provide the guidance and support you need on your weight loss journey.

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