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The Health Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching now but if you’re stuck for what to buy the health conscious person in your life then we’re here to help. Whether they’re dieting, into their fitness or just try to live a healthy lifestyle, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas to put a smile on their face this Christmas! Healthy Gifts to Give this Christmas Hamper of Healthy Cooking Oils, Herbs and Spices Affordable and easy to DIY, if you know someone who is trying to get more into cooking... Read more

2nd December 2019

How To Spot An Eating Disorder

Bodyline Clinic are huge advocates of losing weight in a way that is sustainable and healthy for both the body and mind. As any provider of weight loss treatments, we are hyper aware of how someone’s desire to lose weight can impact their mental health and because of this, we aim to educate not just our team but our clients too on the warning signs that your weight loss journey may be negatively impacting your mental wellbeing. Eating Disorders are unfortunately very common and there... Read more

18th November 2019

The Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Food

Dieting isn’t just about the food you eat but how you cook it too and so many of us don’t realise how the way we cook our food affects how healthy and nutritious it is, so we’re here to help! We’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for cooking your food in the healthiest possible ways to enhance your weight loss journey even further: Steaming One of the best ways to cook vegetables and fish is steaming as it is actually proved... Read more

14th November 2019

Are You Eating the Recommended Serving Sizes?

We all know that food packaging is labelled with the ‘recommended serving size’ but how often do you actually pay attention to this? Portion control is a massive part of a healthy diet and the best way to ensure you’re counting the nutritional value of your food correctly and eating the right amount is to follow the serving size on the package. When we actually stop and review the recommended serving size of our food, a lot of us end up surprised about how much... Read more

7th November 2019

Why Are D Vitamins So Important?

Vitamins are so important for keeping us healthy but we hear a lot about the importance of D Vitamins – so why are they so essential? What Does Vitamin D Do? According to the NHS, Vitamin D ‘helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body’ which translates into what we often hear as being the purpose of vitamin D which is to strengthen our bones, teeth and muscles, keeping them healthy. There are varying types of Vitamin D but the actual type... Read more

1st November 2019

The Lowest Sugar Halloween Sweets for Little Ones

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away now and the supermarket aisles are lined with sugary sweets for the trick and treaters to enjoy but are you worried about how much sugar your little one will be consuming during the festivities? If you want to make some more health-conscious choices for your Halloween visitors this year, here is the breakdown of Halloween treats you’re looking for! We’ve scanned the sugar content of all the classic Halloween offerings and are bringing you all the facts... Read more

18th October 2019

What Numbers Should You Be Watching When Losing Weight?

When we think about losing weight, we often think it is all about what the scales say. How much weight we have physically lost is the goal most of us track closest, but there’s a whole host of other numbers that are important to keep watch of during your weight loss journey.  Numbers that may show progress in your journey even if the scales aren’t moving! Weight So, there’s no denying that your physical weight is important. This is the figure most people become a... Read more

10th October 2019

How to Make Halloween Treats Healthier

Halloween is fast approaching and, although it may be a night famous for ghosts and ghouls, it is typically one of the sweetest and tastiest times of the year. If you’re trying to watch your waistline, it can be difficult to stick to your healthy eating with so many treats around you! To help you enjoy some Halloween treats without ruining your diet, we’ve created healthier recipes for some of the classics! Fruity Eyeballs Creepy eyeball shaped sweets and bakes are big business during Halloween... Read more

1st October 2019

What Is BMI?

When it comes to our weight, we hear a lot about BMI but what actually is it, how do you work yours out and why does it actually matter? What is BMI? BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is a measurement that uses your height and weight to determine whether you are a healthy size. BMI is rated as underweight, healthy weight, overweight and obese and is determined by a calculation that uses your body mass and height. How Accurate is BMI? Medical... Read more

27th September 2019

Healthy Swaps You Can Make Everyday to Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight can feel like a big job with lots of major changes that need making in your life but in reality, there are lots of little and easy healthy swaps you can make every day that in time, will help you slowly and steadily lose weight. We’re going to be sharing with you some of our top healthy swaps that we can all make every day to help us achieve our weight loss goals with ease! Swap Crisps for Popcorn Who said healthy swaps... Read more

24th September 2019

How to Hide Vegetables in Your Recipes

We often think of very young children as being the ones who refuse to eat their 5 a day but with the shocking reports coming to light that a 17-year-old has near reached the point of blindness after only eating chips, crisps and white bread since leaving primary school, it has highlighted that teens and adults also need a push in the right direction to eat enough veg too. If you’re dealing with a fussy eater and need a helping hand for ideas on how... Read more

19th September 2019

An Update for Bodyline Members

Here at Bodyline, we understand how important it is for our clients to have regular help and advice along their Bodyline journey. Earlier this year we asked our clients what we could do to improve our service, as ever, we want to make sure our clients are happy. As part of this process, we realised we were not fully supporting our clients once they left our clinics, something we wanted to improve upon. That improvement is now what we can proudly call B.O.D. B.O.D, which... Read more

18th September 2019

How to Choose a Takeaway on a Diet

Many of us love a takeaway but, as they tend to be so unhealthy, they’re often written off as soon as we start dieting. Although takeaways will always be a treat and always hold a higher calorie count than many other foods, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them entirely if you’re on a diet and need a quick dinner! Today we’re going to be providing you with our top tips for choosing a takeaway without totally ruining all your hard work with your... Read more

16th September 2019

How to Make Pizza Night Healthy

Pizza night is a tradition in many households. Usually hosted on a Friday or Saturday night as a weekend treat, ordering in or buying pre-made pizzas is something we’ve all done and tend to do quite regularly. But, pizza night isn’t typically the healthiest meal on the plan. With a small margarita pizza from Domino’s containing 922 calories and a Pizza Express margarita pizza from the supermarket containing 636 calories for the entire pizza, it can get pretty unhealthy pretty quickly. But, by making the... Read more

13th September 2019

How to Choose a Healthy Meal Deal

The meal deal section – the most affordable place to pick up a filling lunch in a rush but arguably, not always the healthiest. We all know the key to sticking to our diet plans is to think ahead and bring food with us but none of us are perfect and sometimes we get caught short, needing to pick up lunch on the go which is when we usually find ourselves stood in front of the meal deal section, frantically wondering what we can eat... Read more

10th September 2019

5 Vegetable Crisp Recipes That Will Change Your Snacking Game

Snacking is a weakness for many of us and is often the reason so many of us gain weight in the first place! But, snacking doesn’t have to be forbidden! The key to still being able to snack when on a diet is to pick the right snacks and one of our favourite healthy things to snack on here at Bodyline HQ is vegetable crisps! Often thought of as modern and a little bit fancy, vegetable crisps are actually a great alternative to your classic... Read more

6th September 2019

5 Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for Little Ones

Are you finding yourself in a never-ending battle with your little ones when it comes to packed lunches? Are they skipping their fruit to cut straight to the crisps? Or just refusing to eat what you pack? We get it, school lunches can be a struggle at the best of times, especially when you’re trying to keep them healthy and tasty. So, here are 5 healthy packed lunch ideas that we’re sure your little ones will love! Mini Pitta Pizzas Pizzas for lunch? Yes please!... Read more

4th September 2019

Three Daily Meal Plans for Dieters

Struggling with meal inspiration when trying to lose weight? It can be difficult to balance your meals and make sure you’re taking in all the nutrients you need whilst enjoying an array of healthy and tasty food, so we’ve prepared three days’ worth of meal plans that fit perfectly with the Bodyline Clinic way of losing weight that will keep your menu fresh, interesting and hopefully help the weight to start moving! Meal Plan 1 Breakfast: Porridge with Banana 50g Oats 300ml Skimmed Milk 1... Read more

31st August 2019

Carbohydrates 101 – Everything You Need to Know

We’ve all heard the old myth that if you want to lose weight, you need to stop eating carbohydrates but does that tale hold any truth or is it simply another fad diet with no fact behind it? We’re going to be giving you the lowdown on carbs today, including everything you need to know about what foods contain carbs, the pros and cons of carbohydrates on the body and whether you really can carry on eating them when losing weight. What Foods are Carbohydrates?... Read more

28th August 2019

A Guide to Superfoods

We’ve all heard of the term ‘superfoods’ which is used for specific foods known to be more nutritionally beneficial for our body than most. But do you know which foods are superfoods and why? Here’s everything you need to know about superfoods: Why Are These Foods So Super? Most superfoods contain high quantities of nutrients and many contain phytonutrients which often have antioxidant or anti-inflammatory qualities, which are obviously hugely beneficial for the body. Superfoods give more to the body than most foods and are... Read more

22nd August 2019

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