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How to Eat Well at the All Inclusive Buffet

The time of year where we’re all jetting off on summer holidays is fast approaching and for a lot of us, that will mean facing the all-inclusive buffet three times a day, every day for a week, if not more, which as fun as that sounds, if you’re on a diet, it can be a struggle! All inclusive holidays usually serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for you to take your pick of hot dishes,... Read more

24th April 2019

The Top Medical Problems That Cause Weight Gain That You Need to Be Aware Of

The first thing we look at when we gain weight unexpectedly is usually our diet, often blaming putting on the pounds on not eating right or exercising enough but sometimes, there are medical reasons for weight gain and there are some key conditions and diseases you need to be aware of. If you appear to be gaining weight, despite eating well and exercising properly and aren’t taking any medications that are known for causing weight gain, it may be worth speaking to a GP to... Read more

19th April 2019

How to Make a Healthy Roast Dinner for Easter Sunday

We’re all officially on countdown now for the Easter bank holiday and for the foodies amongst us, we’re already thinking about what kind of feast we’re going to be putting on for Easter Sunday. A day that is renowned for lavish dinners, usually an extra special roast but how can you still tuck in and enjoy whilst sticking to your diet? We’re going to be giving you some top tips and recipe ideas for how to cook a super healthy roast dinner that still has... Read more

17th April 2019

What is Mindful Eating and How Could It Help You?

There’s a lot of talk around ways you can adapt your approach towards eating to help you lose weight. These techniques focus more on how and when you eat your food, rather than what you eat. But is this a principle that could work for you? We’re not talking about the diets that limit the time frame you can eat within, but instead focusing on a concept known as ‘Mindful Eating’. In our blog we’re going to give you an insight into how this method... Read more

15th April 2019

Know Your Easter Treats – The Calories In Easter Chocolate

Easter is only a couple of weeks away now but the likelihood is that you’ve already had a quick stroll down the seasonal aisle in your local supermarket and checked out what’s what with the Easter treats this year…if you haven’t already tucked into a few. It’s totally normal to already have devoured a couple of packs of mini eggs before Easter Sunday even arrives but if you’re trying to watch the waistline and make nutritious choices with your food, it can be difficult to... Read more

10th April 2019

Weekly Weigh Ins

At Bodyline we always say that to get the best results from our plans is to come every week and see our clinical team. By doing just that, we have had a week of record loses last week! A total of 55lbs was lost by our newest clinic in St Helens. With one lady Emma losing 25lbs in total since the start of March - just amazing. Emma said: “I’ve tried EVERYTHING else out there to try and lose weight, this is the ONLY thing... Read more

10th April 2019

yoga woman on green park background

3 Mental Health Benefits to Losing Weight

We all know there are endless physical benefits to losing weight, but we don’t talk as much about the benefits to our mental health. From reducing social anxiety to increasing your positivity and optimism, there’s a whole host of mental benefits to focusing your attention on reducing your weight but here are our top 3 mental health benefits to losing weight we think everyone should focus on if they’re looking for motivation to carry on with their weight loss journey: Reduces Social Anxiety Many people... Read more

5th April 2019

Our Top 5 Minute Lunches for Under 500 Calories

Lunch tends to be the meal that everyone gets a bit stuck on when they’re trying to diet. Do we just skip it? Do we have a big meal at lunch and cut down at dinner? Can I still eat a sandwich? We’re here to answer all of your questions and banish any misconceptions about lunching on a diet by providing you with our top lunch ideas that take just 5 minutes to make and contain under 500 calories. Making these your go-to quick, easy... Read more

3rd April 2019

Wilmslow is back open – hurrah!

Our Wilmslow clinic was in a right state after the fire! But we are glad to say it takes more than a few flames to keep us shut. We are now back open with the place looking all fresh and new. There was lots of news coverage, journalists and firemen all around that day, and with all the commotion - we were sad to have to shut our doors. Luckily, as ever, our team works fast and we are now back open.  With a fresh lick... Read more

26th March 2019

How to Avoid Weight Gain Caused by Lack of Sleep | The M Word

The concept of going through the menopause is bad enough but unfortunately, the reality can sometimes be worse. Hot flushes, mood swings and the main symptom to affect a lot of women, is disturbed sleep and in some cases, total insomnia. Studies show, such as ones reported by The Sleep Doctor, that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain for more than one reason. The Sleep Doctor’s article suggests that in just one week of only getting 5 hours sleep a night, you could... Read more

26th March 2019

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The natural way to lose weight

At Bodyline we don't only provide a unique weight loss plan alongside our prescribed appetite suppressants, we also offer wellbeing products and a natural alternative to diet pills - called Phent H. At Bodyline, we stipulate that clients have a BMI of over 27, (check your BMI here with this handy NHS calculator) for us to feel ethically happy to provide prescription medication, but if you fall under that, please don't think we can't help - we can and it's called Phent H. Whats is Phent H?... Read more

12th March 2019

Hello St Helens!

And, just like that, we're open! Our newest clinic St Helens opens this week. It's official, as of 13th March its doors will be open. We're very excited about opening our eighth clinic and there's a real buzz in the air! We can't wait to welcome new and current customers through our doors from 4pm-7pm every Wednesday and 2pm-5pm every Saturday. We're located at Fingerpost Shopping Parade, which has great free parking too. We're being asked a lot about how current customers can move to our... Read more

12th March 2019

The M Word – 6 easy changes to combat menopause

Bodyline is welcoming more menopausal women into our clinics than ever before. Even if you’ve always been slim, the menopause can have dramatic effects, despite exercising just as much and eating exactly the same number of calories. On International Women's Day, we share a few nutritional guidelines for women above the age of 40 to ease their way through perimenopause and into menopause. 1. Water: The benefit of drinking lots of water is endless! Sadly, aside from weight gain, the most common symptoms of menopause are vaginal... Read more

8th March 2019

Chocolate chip cookies

10 Healthy Snacks to Grab Instead of a Biscuit

According to an article in the Mirror, us Brits eat more biscuits than anywhere else in the world with the average household here in the UK buying 96 packets of biscuits a year and let’s be honest, we’re tucking into most of them with a good old fashioned cup of tea. The odd biscuit is a perfectly acceptable treat, even if you’re dieting, but there are plenty of other healthy snacks you could be enjoying with your afternoon brew that are better for you and... Read more

4th March 2019

3 Ways to Spruce up a Salad

When we think of healthy eating, we usually think of salad straight away and let’s be honest, the thought of a salad doesn’t tend to excite most of us. We tend to think of lettuce, cucumber and tomato with a scattering of protein and a drizzle of salad cream and the idea of that just isn’t appetising which could be one of the reasons our love of salad is at a low in the UK. According to Statista, the amount of salads us UK residents... Read more

1st March 2019

Coming soon to St Helens

Your wait to lose weight is nearly over in St Helens. We're opening our latest clinic, clinic number eight, in March. We have been quite tight-lipped on when it will open down to us awaiting our full regulation from the CQC and Home Office - which is so important to us here at Bodyline. Our new clinic is at Fingerpost shopping centre in St Helens and we are so very nearly there with the fit out and finer decoration details. As you may know, we... Read more

27th February 2019

15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Your Weight Loss Journey

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that even applies if you’re trying to lose weight. Even if you’re cutting your daily calorie intake to aid weight loss, you should still allocate some of your daily allowance to your first meal as this will set you up with plenty of energy to get through the rest of the day. Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated if you’re trying to diet – it can be easy to prepare something... Read more

26th February 2019

Bodyline’s Sunshine In A Bottle

Bodyline doesn't only do weight loss - we specialise in well-being products too. We chat about our own brand of Vitamin D supplement – our D3 spray and how it can change your wellbeing for good! With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, it can be challenging for many of us to prioritise our wellbeing, but as the sun isn’t often shining in England – we need to ensure we’re topping up on supplements as they are intrinsically linked to our overall health. What is Vitamin D? Vitamin... Read more

25th February 2019

Bodyline’s Pancakes

As Pancake Day approaches, we want to share our totally scrumptious pancake recipe that will keep you on plan but allow you to enjoy this celebration of all things fluffy and filling! - P.S. it's Syn free too! When you look at pancakes available on the supermarket shelves or at any restaurant they are not only full of sugar and fat to start with, but they are layered or loaded with additional calories and sweet treats. So, to enable you to eat the things we... Read more

25th February 2019

Bodyline’s B12 wonder spray

Bodyline doesn't only do weight loss - we specialise in well-being products too. We chat about our own brand of B12 spray this week and how it can give you a much-needed boost. What is Vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 is used by the body to make red blood cells, it’s also used to produce DNA, and to keep the nervous system healthy. You could have a vitamin B12 deficiency if you’re constantly having headaches, lose your appetite, or if you’re always feeling tired. But you could also... Read more

10th February 2019

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