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Activities to do With Your Children Whilst Self-Isolating

With schools closed for the foreseeable future, you might be worrying about what to do with you kids whilst they’re at home. If you’re on lockdown and haven’t had chance to get your thinking cap on yet, don’t worry – we’ve done the hard part for you! Here are some of our top ideas that will keep your little ones entertained while you’re self-isolating… Build A Den Children love adventure time and being creative, so why not bring the adventure indoors by building a den?... Read more

25th March 2020

Bodyline Statement

We have made the decision that from today, Bodyline Clinic will be moving to a remote prescription service for all of its nine clinics. The safety and wellbeing of our clients and employees is of the utmost importance to us here and we are taking these steps to make sure you all remain fit, well and can continue on your weight loss programme. This does mean our clinic today (23rd March) at Birkenhead WILL NOT be going ahead as usual, if you wish to collect... Read more

17th March 2020

Using Metabolic Age for Weight Loss

If you’ve been to Bodyline recently you may have noticed our new Bodytrax machines, which are set to make our clinical weight loss programmes even more effective. Bodytrax uses something called body composition technology to give us more of an insight into the physical make up of your body, in turn allowing us to give you scientifically tailored advice on how to lose weight. It focuses on four main measurements: weight, BMI, visceral fat and metabolic age. Some of these terms will be familiar, and... Read more

16th March 2020

5 Ways to Stop Yourself Snacking

The main reason most of us go over our daily calorie intake is because we snack. Even if we try to snack healthily, these extra calories once or twice a day can be the difference between staying on plan and going off track, so trying to stop the snacking habit is a good idea for successful weight loss! So, how can you help yourself to stop snacking? Here’s 5 tried and tested tricks that we find work: Stay Hydrated We often think we’re hungry when... Read more

24th February 2020

Healthy Lunch Ideas to Grab On the Go

We’ve all been there, rushed out the house for the day and brought nothing with us to eat on the go, leaving us totally reliant on supermarkets and fast food. It can be frustrating when this happens, especially if you’re trying to watch what you’re eating but we’re going to be turning our backs on burgers and chips, as well as meal deals and sharing some healthy ideas that you can grab at most supermarkets to keep you going on the go! These definitely aren’t... Read more

16th February 2020

8 Places To Go for a Healthy Date Night

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, the talk of date nights is getting more and more common but if you’re watching your weight and don’t want to waste all your calories on an indulgent dinner on Valentine’s Day then we’re here to help. We’re going to be sharing with you our top 10 places to go to get a healthy dinner on Valentine’s Day, including restaurants and supermarket dine-in meal deals! Restaurants Pizza Express Our first recommendation for a healthier date night meal is... Read more

10th February 2020

The Health and Fitness Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, they’re often sweet, chocolatey or alcoholic, all of which aren’t the best choices for someone trying to be healthy and focus on their fitness. So, to help you buy the perfect present for your weight-watching partner this Valentine’s, we’ve created the ultimate health and fitness gift guide – with a romantic twist! An Outdoors Experience Day We often hear that the best gift you can give is your time, so why not organise an experience day for you... Read more

1st February 2020

5 Free Ways To Get Fit in 2020

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to be fitter this year? Well, we’re here to help. We often think of getting fit as something that is going to cost us a lot of money. A gym membership, extra classes, a personal trainer, they all cost money but you don’t really need any of those things to improve your fitness! We’re going to be sharing 5 free ways to get fitter this year and we’re sure you’ll be keen to give them all a go!... Read more

24th January 2020

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health for 2020

The new year has well and truly begun and January is definitely a time where we all feel motivated to make positive changes in our lives. Here at the Bodyline Clinic, we’re keen to help our clients make 2020 their healthiest year yet, so to kickstart a great year for us all, we’re going to be sharing 3 easy ways anyone can improve their health in 2020! Regularly Taking Probiotics and Vitamins So many of us are lacking in vitamins and probiotics and don’t even... Read more

16th January 2020

How to Eat Well for Less

If there’s one thing that worries people about dieting the most, it is often the cost. There’s a real belief that healthy food is more expensive than convenience food or popping to the takeaway but that really doesn’t have to be the case. Healthy, homemade food can be far more affordable than relying on ready meals or junk food, you just have to know the tricks of the trade to get the best value for your money and today we’re going to be sharing our... Read more

10th January 2020

How Beneficial Can Dry January Be?

We’ve all heard of the ‘Dry January’ challenge and for most of us who like a drink from time to time, it is something we aim to do at the start of the month and give up on halfway through but from a health perspective, just how beneficial can cutting out the booze be? The Rules The rules of Dry January are simple, you can’t consume any alcohol for 31 days. That is it, you’re still allowed to head to bars and clubs and socialise... Read more

2nd January 2020

Bodyline in Numbers – Our End of Year Message

As the year is coming to a close, we thought what better way to reflect than to take a look at Bodyline Clinic – in numbers. Our clients may be focusing on their numbers going down but when it comes to our brand, we’ve seen huge growth in 2019, so let’s take a look at just how big Bodyline is now! Clinics – 8 2019 saw the opening of our 8th Bodyline Clinic, this one located in St Helens. This year felt like the right... Read more

20th December 2019

5 Great Leftover Turkey Recipes

There’s just a few days until Christmas now and most of us have got our turkeys for the big day poised and ready to be cooked but have you got any plans for what to do with your leftovers? Food waste is a huge problem here in the UK but there’s no need to throw away your leftover Christmas roast when there’s easy and delicious recipes out there to use up your spare turkey and we’re going to share our top 5 leftover turkey recipes... Read more

11th December 2019

The Health Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching now but if you’re stuck for what to buy the health conscious person in your life then we’re here to help. Whether they’re dieting, into their fitness or just try to live a healthy lifestyle, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas to put a smile on their face this Christmas! Healthy Gifts to Give this Christmas Hamper of Healthy Cooking Oils, Herbs and Spices Affordable and easy to DIY, if you know someone who is trying to get more into cooking... Read more

2nd December 2019

How To Spot An Eating Disorder

Bodyline Clinic are huge advocates of losing weight in a way that is sustainable and healthy for both the body and mind. As any provider of weight loss treatments, we are hyper aware of how someone’s desire to lose weight can impact their mental health and because of this, we aim to educate not just our team but our clients too on the warning signs that your weight loss journey may be negatively impacting your mental wellbeing. Eating Disorders are unfortunately very common and there... Read more

18th November 2019

The Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Food

Dieting isn’t just about the food you eat but how you cook it too and so many of us don’t realise how the way we cook our food affects how healthy and nutritious it is, so we’re here to help! We’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for cooking your food in the healthiest possible ways to enhance your weight loss journey even further: Steaming One of the best ways to cook vegetables and fish is steaming as it is actually proved... Read more

14th November 2019

Are You Eating the Recommended Serving Sizes?

We all know that food packaging is labelled with the ‘recommended serving size’ but how often do you actually pay attention to this? Portion control is a massive part of a healthy diet and the best way to ensure you’re counting the nutritional value of your food correctly and eating the right amount is to follow the serving size on the package. When we actually stop and review the recommended serving size of our food, a lot of us end up surprised about how much... Read more

7th November 2019

Why Are D Vitamins So Important?

Vitamins are so important for keeping us healthy but we hear a lot about the importance of D Vitamins – so why are they so essential? What Does Vitamin D Do? According to the NHS, Vitamin D ‘helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body’ which translates into what we often hear as being the purpose of vitamin D which is to strengthen our bones, teeth and muscles, keeping them healthy. There are varying types of Vitamin D but the actual type... Read more

1st November 2019

The Lowest Sugar Halloween Sweets for Little Ones

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away now and the supermarket aisles are lined with sugary sweets for the trick and treaters to enjoy but are you worried about how much sugar your little one will be consuming during the festivities? If you want to make some more health-conscious choices for your Halloween visitors this year, here is the breakdown of Halloween treats you’re looking for! We’ve scanned the sugar content of all the classic Halloween offerings and are bringing you all the facts... Read more

18th October 2019

What Numbers Should You Be Watching When Losing Weight?

When we think about losing weight, we often think it is all about what the scales say. How much weight we have physically lost is the goal most of us track closest, but there’s a whole host of other numbers that are important to keep watch of during your weight loss journey.  Numbers that may show progress in your journey even if the scales aren’t moving! Weight So, there’s no denying that your physical weight is important. This is the figure most people become a... Read more

10th October 2019

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