Weight loss injections

Bodyline supports you to achieve your weight loss goals with the latest GLP-1 game changing and scientifically proven weight loss injections

Weight loss injections

Bodyline supports you to achieve your weight loss goals

Bodyline clinic medical weight loss treatments

Bodyline’s weight loss programmes include safe and effective weight loss medications, providing you with a choice of either the latest GLP-1 weight loss injections or our trusted oral medications.

Our clinical team of experienced weight loss specialists understand the struggles of losing weight, and our unique approach is designed to support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re aiming for a slight weight loss or a significant transformation, you’re in expert hands with our dedicated weight loss nurses. They will guide you through lifestyle modifications, nutrition counseling, and healthy eating habits to ensure long-term success.

Join us at Bodyline and discover a healthier, more confident you. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Medical Weight Loss Journey with bodyline

Step One:
Understand Your Medical Weight Loss Choices

Our friendly customer service team will be your guide as you embark on your personalised medical weight loss journey with Bodyline.

We'll take the time to understand your weight loss goals, discuss your medical history, and provide you with comprehensive information about our effective plans, safe treatments, and affordable prices.

Bodyline oral medication programmes start from £100 per month and our scientifically proven GLP-1 weight loss injections programmes for £295* per month*.

You have the flexibility to choose between face-to-face consultations with our specialist nurse consultants at one of our convenient clinics or the comfort of an online consultation from home.

*Extra charges apply for initial onboarding and for new home customer starter kit

Step Two:
Specialist Weight Loss Nurse Consultation

To determine the most effective treatment plan for your weight loss journey, you will have a personalised consultation with one of our expert weight loss nurses.

Your health and weight loss success are our top priorities. Our compassionate nurse will conduct a thorough medical assessment and create a tailored treatment plan that includes the most suitable medication, lifestyle modifications, exercise recommendations, and dietary guidance to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Step Three:
Define your Bespoke Medical Weight Loss Treatment and Support Plan

Following your initial consultation with our specialist weight loss nurse, we will collaboratively finalise your personalised medical weight loss treatment plan.

Your prescribed weight loss medications will either be dispensed directly at your in-clinic appointment, conveniently couriered to your home, or made available for collection at a designated clinic of your choice.

Step Four:
Weight loss Treatment Review and Continued Weight Loss Support

Bodyline is committed to supporting you throughout your medical weight loss journey, ensuring sustainable and healthy weight loss while achieving your goals.

Aligned with your weight loss plan, medication, and stage of your weight loss journey, you will receive regular nurse appointments and ongoing support.

Your safe weight loss is our priority. In addition to reviewing your plan and medications, monitoring your weight loss progress, we will also assess your overall health and well-being.

our weight loss injections

Safe, Affordable and Supported GLP-1 Weight Loss Injection Weight Loss Programmes



The Wegovy slimming injection is semaglutide and is a convenient once-weekly self-administered weight loss treatment that comes in the form of a pre-filled pen. It is approved by NICE and licensed for managing overweight and obesity. It is designed to suppress appetite by mimicking a hormone found in the stomach called GLP-1, making you feel full for longer.

This easy-to-use and painless injection is effective and can achieve up to 15% reduction in body weight after one year. It can safely be prescribed by Bodyline, which is a specialist CQC registered clinic, either via video or in-clinic consultation alongside a personalised weight loss plan.



Ozempic is a once-weekly self administered weight loss injection that is licensed only for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is a GLP-1 and has the same semaglutide ingredient as Wegovy. Ozempic, when combined with lifestyle changes also supports weight loss. It reduces hunger and food cravings allowing you to lose weight and more easily change your eating habits.

Weight loss injections should only be prescribed by a trained clinician and to ensure safety as part of a supported weight loss programme provided by a CQC registered clinic such as Bodyline.



Mounjaro, also known as tirzepatide, is a self- administered once a week weight loss injection that works by imitating the effects of GLP-1 in the body, a hormone that is generally released following mealtimes to promote feelings of fullness and satiety.

Mounjaro helps to regulate blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss through reduced caloric intake. Thanks to its incredible weight results, with up to 26% body weight loss and promising impact on obesity, it has recently been approved by MRHA in UK to treat of obesity.

To ensure safe and effective use, Mounjaro should only be prescribed as part of a supported weight loss programme at a CQC registered clinic such as Bodyline.


Saxenda Bodyline SlimPen offers a convenient and effective approach to weight management. This self-administered daily injection, administered painlessly, acts as a powerful appetite suppressant. To ensure safe and optimal use, Saxenda Bodyline SlimPen can only be prescribed by a qualified healthcare provider at a CQC registered clinic. This can be done either through a video consultation or an in-person visit. Additionally, a personalised Bodyline Weight Loss plan is essential for maximising weight loss results and achieving a healthier lifestyle

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Medical weight loss success stories

People have walked past me in the street and not noticed it’s me!

I’ve put so many people onto Bodyline. One friend of mine, another mum from school started to use it and she’s already lost 2 stone! It works so quickly.

My own Grandma didn’t recognise me!

I had just always struggled, and I was sick of the way that I was. The dieting never went well. But then I saw how well my mum had done, and I was like you know what, I’m going to try Bodyline.


weight loss injections news and views

As so many people have realised, weight loss is not a simple feat. It’s no surprise that people are fed up with trying when 83% of people put more weight back on after losing it with a fad diet. So, when weight loss injections arrived on the scene they were seen as game changing. But what are they and are they available in the UK?
Skinny jabs, GLP-1 injections, or weight loss medications – if you’re looking for a solution to your weight health needs, it’s hard to avoid the news of weight loss injections that are sweeping the world right now. But along with the exciting news of new solutions to obesity comes an influx of horror stories describing the scary health problems that come from unregulated skinny jabs being sold online. With so much noise, fake news, and sinister actors in the weight loss injection business, it’s more important than ever to do research and get the facts straight to know which medical weight loss injections are legitimate and which should be avoided.
In the pursuit of weight loss, many individuals explore various methods and strategies to help them achieve their goals. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is weight loss injections. These injections, often containing substances that aid in appetite control, metabolism regulation, and fat breakdown, are believed to assist individuals in their weight loss journey. But can you buy weight loss injections online? Let's explore this topic further.

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