Not another fad diet!

Are you sick of fad diets that promise extreme results to lose that extra Christmas weight, but never really seem to work for you?

Have you started a diet in January and not achieved your goals or perhaps you have felt intimidated about starting a diet and worried about whether you can stick to it?

Did you know that typically people gain 0.5 to 1kg in weight in December alone, which is just above 2 pounds? Although not much by itself, most individuals will not lose this weight during the new year and will instead slowly add to it, increasing anxiety for many when they start booking those summer holidays…

Start your medical weight loss journey today

Here at Bodyline, WE GET IT! Weight loss is hard, especially when you’re constantly seeing different people following new and peculiar fad diets with varying results and no guarantee.

Here are three important reasons why you should choose Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes!

  1. Forget the fad diets!
    Did you know, the average person is likely to attempt at least two fad diets a year, typically abandoning them after just six days. That adds up to 126 failed fad diets in an average life time! Can you believe that? Well, it’s very probable that you have also succumb to a fad diet (who else still has nightmares about Atkins?). Join the community that have broken this cycle, and choose a sustainable, efficient, and guaranteed way to lose weight through Bodyline.
  2. Your plan will be personalised…
    Our treatments aren’t like fad diets – we don’t take a one size fits all approach. With individual support in our one-to-one consultations, we listen to your circumstances and curate a medical weight loss plan and medications that will work. Our considered plans ensure you can lose up to a stone a month! You can finally say goodbye to fad diets, and hello to manageable goals, healthy living for your lifestyle, and your dream body!
  3. We’re proven to work!Bodyline’s medical weight loss programmes have ensured over 100,000 people achieve their goals. Bodyline has provided safe, fast, effective and affordable services for 17 years. Our friendly team of doctors and nurses will aid your weight loss and support you with motivation and advice!

Start your medical weight loss journey today

Let Bodyline support your weight loss! Get in touch and make an appointment today by calling 0800 995 6036, or completing our contact form.

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