Our Top Fitness Classes for Beginners

So, you want to get into doing a fitness class?

Group exercise is great for fitness beginners as it offers a friendly, encouraging and motivating environment that also allows you to learn a new skill. But which are best for total novices?


Yoga is a great class for fitness beginners as it focuses on strength and flexibility opposed to stamina, so if you’re conscious that your fitness levels aren’t at their best then yoga could be a great place to start.

Many gyms offer yoga classes as part of their memberships or there’s plenty of independent yoga classes across the north west, it’s just a case of finding one that works for you.

Yoga does take a lot of physical strength and stability. Over time, you will notice an improvement in your muscle strength and tone, as well as core stability and general flexibility, but you don’t have to have all these skills to get started!

It’s also a great activity for the mind, so if you’re finding your weight loss journey is also taking its toll on your mental wellbeing, this class really could be an all-round winner for you.


If you’re slightly more confident in your physical ability and believe you have relatively good stamina, HIIT exercise classes are great for beginners.

HIIT training stands for High Intensity Interval Training which is essentially high impact movements done as many times as you can in a short time period. It’s perfect for those that have a certain level of strength and stamina but aren’t at an expert level.

They’re one of the best ways to burn calories fast, so although it is very intense while you’re in the class, you’re usually only working out for a maximum of 30 minutes with each move lasts around 1 minute. So, if you’re trying to get back into fitness but have little time to spare, this could be the perfect class for you.

Aqua Aerobics

Not all fitness classes take place in the gym, some are hosted in the swimming pool.

If the thought of a gym studio makes you nervous but you’re a relatively confident swimmer, ditching the weights for the pool could be a much better alternative.

Hosted at most gyms with pools, leisure centres and private fitness clubs across the north west, aqua aerobics classes are not difficult to book yourself on to and are perfect for all levels of fitness. Usually starting off easier before gradually getting more high impact and energetic, the support of the water works both with and against you when you’re working out. Your muscles have to push harder but there’s also a sense of buoyancy that you don’t get when working out on hard ground, which can be a perfect helping hand for beginners.


High energy but seriously fun, Zumba classes are one of the first group exercise classes people usually sign up for!

Zumba incorporates dance with full body exercises, combining cardio with using your own body weight to strengthen your muscles through a series of active movements to great music.

Exercise is much easier when you’re having fun, which is why Zumba is so popular with novices who aren’t really into the gym!

So, whatever your fitness level or confidence when it comes to working out, one of these fitness classes is bound to be a perfect starting point.

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