Our Top Five Fitness Gifts to Ask for This Christmas

Looking to improve your fitness in 2020? Want to achieve big things with your weight loss journey in the new year? Put your best foot forward in January by asking for some of these top fitness gifts to be under the Christmas tree this year!


Fitness/Activity Tracker

Anyone who wants to get more active will benefit from a fitness tracker and the good news is that there is one to suit every budget!

Whether you opt for the top spec options such as an Apple Watch, Garmin or premium Fitbit model or something a bit more affordable, there are hundreds of different activity trackers on the market, offering different features to suit your individual needs.

Workout Cards by Carly Rowena

Personal trainer and fitness blogger, Carly Rowena has designed a clever workout accessory to suit all fitness levels, whether you prefer to exercise at home or at the gym.

Her workout cards feel a lot like a pack of Uno cards but the benefits to your health are much better. Depending on the pack you pick, you will have a whole host of different workouts at your disposal, allowing you to create fresh, structured workouts weekly or daily, providing a real helping hand when you’re just getting started.

Explore 46 different exercises and eight different workouts in each pack, all for just £15.00.

Shop Carly Rowena’s Workout Cards Here!

HydrateM8 Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is key for anyone who is exercising or just trying to lose weight in general, so a hydration tracker water bottle is the perfect gift.

HydrateM8 creates a range of bottles, but they are best known for their hydration tracker bottles, available in 900ml and 600ml sizes. Both have timescales on the side, so you can see how much water you should’ve drunk by different times in the day to be perfectly hydrated.

Available in different colours and designs to suit your personality, the HydrateM8 bottles are usually £14.99 for the large size and £12.99 for the smaller size.

Shop HydrateM8 Hydration Tracker Bottles Here!

B_ND Resistance Band

If you’re new to the gym or home workouts then you may have seen others using resistance bands but not really explored the option yourself, so why not get one for Christmas?

Resistance bands help take your workouts to the next level, increasing the intensity of your movements by making your muscles push harder to achieve the positions. This in turn helps to burn more calories but also improve control during your exercises.

B_ND Store are known for being the creators of premium gym equipment, including their famous resistance bands in varying strengths and designs, loved by fitness bloggers, personal trainers and other influencers.

Choose from different lengths and resistances depending on your workouts and shop the full range of resistance bands starting from just £14.

Shop B_ND Store Resistance Bands Here!

Bluetooth Headphones

Say goodbye to getting tangled up in your wires when you’re trying to work out.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, a gym person or a home workout fan, music is key to keeping motivation high during workouts. Bluetooth or wireless headphones are a must have this year! Wireless headphones allow you to connect to your phone and listen to your favourite music, without having to physically attach the headphones to your device.

There are Bluetooth headphones available to suit all budgets, from big brands such as Beats and Apple to more affordable high street names, so shop online or in-store at department stores and tech shops to find the perfect pair for you.


So, they are our top five fitness gifts we think everyone should be asking for this Christmas. Whether you’re an exercise newbie or a big fitness fan, there’s something out there for everyone.

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