Fat Burner


Bodyline’s in-house pharmacists have developed a high strength natural and vegan friendly product that contains Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea extract and Turmeric… nothing else.



Our all natural product contains three key ingredients and not one additive or filler. Created by our very own pharmacist, Bodyline’s Fat Burner is scientifically proven to help break down and burn fat, reduce obesity related inflammation and boost your metabolism. The fat burner contains the following 3 key ingredients:

Raspberry Ketones

These ketones are helpful in cutting down excess fatty layers. It also increases the metabolic weight in order to improve the bodies fat burning process.

Green Tea Extract

Is famous for promoting heart, liver and brain health to improve your skin, reducing the risk of cancer and of course aiding weight loss by suppressing appetite.


This spice contains an active ingredient in it called “curcumin.” Curcumin has a positive influence on weight loss – it reduces inflammation associated with obesity, detoxifies your body and can help lower high cholesterol and blood sugar.

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