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Vitamin D3 Spray



Vitamin D3 is sometimes referred to as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ as it is produced in the skin when exposed to UVB light exposure. It supports the immune system, improves your mood, aids sleep, and reduces the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It helps the body absorb calcium and phosphate to maintain strong bones, teeth, hair, and muscles.




Vitamin D3 supplement from Bodyline is available in a high-strength sublingual spray delivery system and is designed to deliver the vitamin directly into the blood stream. The sublingual spray is designed to create micro droplets that have a very small surface area to enable fast and easy absorption through the buccal mucosa.

1 spray per day under the tongue

  • Increase bone, teeth and hair strength.

  • Improves muscle strength.

  • Enhances mood.

  • Give you an increased immunity.

  • Reduce blood pressure.

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