Skincare During Exercise

All across Britain, gyms and sports centres are bustling with ladies and gents working themselves into a sweaty frenzy to achieve that all important beach body ready for the summer.  Exercise is a fantastic way to look good and feel even better. There are endless studies that prove exercising lifts our mood and gives us a real boost!

But do you think about your skin when you work-out? Are you making sure you’re makeup free and your skin is clean so you limit the clogging of pores that can occur from all that fabulous exercise?

“We see a lot of ladies who enjoy working out coming into the salon concerned about their problematic skin. They are noticing not only that the pores on their face are becoming blocked but their back and chest too, resulting in spots appearing which they are very conscious of. One lady in particular told me, she was working-out to achieve a body she’s happy with, but she’s now dealing with spots that make her want to wrap up and hide!” Says Cheshire clinic owner, Nichola Wilkson.
“What most people are not aware of is, if they make a handful of small and easy changes to their gym routine, they can limit the negative effect exercising can sometimes have on skin!”

So, if you too want to avoid a breakout while you workout, here are some simple tips that you can follow.

Before a workout:

  • Remove any makeup. The combination of sweat and wearing makeup can cause a buildup of excess oil. Pores open up while sweating, we don’t want to block the skin’s natural ability to breathe by clogging it up with makeup. Obviously mascara is fine, but everything else needs to be removed.
  • To the men out there – you may not be wearing makeup but make sure you cleanse your skin just before you hit the gym. Just travelling to the gym can expose your skin to pollution and bacteria!

During a workout:

  • Clean equipment. Don’t trust others to clean equipment after they’ve finished. Bacteria breeds on these types of machines, and if you touch your face just once during your workout, it’s likely you could spread that bacteria to your face. Make sure you wipe each surface with antibacterial wipes before using.
  • Drink lots of water. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it improves your skin. It’s true what they say, drinking lots of water can aid in skin being in better health and quality.
  • Keep an eye on your gym bag! People sometimes find themselves using the same towel for a few gym sessions – a big no no. A used towel will be full of old sweat which will be full of bacteria – ensure you use either a fresh towel each session, or why not wipe yourself down with an antiseptic wipe.
  • Think about your hair. Be cautious of putting lots of products in your hair before exercise, as we become sweaty, our hair can become wet and then the products we have used can run down onto the skin and ultimately block pores. If you’re prone to problematic skin, just go au-natural to limit any clogging.

Post workout:

  • Take a shower and quick. Wash your face and body to remove any buildup of bacteria in the pores, do this as soon as possible post-exercise.
  • Acne-prone areas. Don’t forget to give extra attention to areas where sweat accumulates most, on the chest, back, and stomach, and use a good acne fighting body cleanser. If your skin is prone to spots, Australian Body Care is the perfect choice.
  • Carrying on hydrating. Make sure you carry on drinking lots of water post work-out to keep the skin hydrated and wash out any toxins.

Let us know what your top tips are for skincare at the gym in the comments below.

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