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3 stone over 3 months

My own Grandma didn’t recognise me!

Aimee, a 31-year-old security officer from Glossop, was fed up with how she looked. After trying several dieting groups, intermittent fasting, and low sugar diets, she was still seeing no results and was feeling increasingly insecure about her weight.

“I had just always struggled, and I was sick of the way that I was. The dieting never went well. But then I saw how well my mum had done, and I was like you know what, I’m going to try Bodyline.”

Her mum, Kim, had seen great results while on a programme with Bodyline, and Aimee decided to take the first step to change her life completely.

Now, loving mother Kim tells us she thinks Aimee is almost getting too thin! With the help of Bodyline’s medical weight loss programme, Aimee lost 3 stone 3lb in just 3 months!

Now, when walking down the high street, her own Grandmother didn’t recognise Aimee after her incredible transformation!

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Life changing

“I’m just a lot happier. Everyone at work comments on the difference. Someone actually said that I look taller, and you know it’s probably because now I stand up properly instead of slouching and trying to hide my belly. Instead, I stand with more confidence.

“When I used to go out anywhere and catch a glimpse of myself, I would pull my t-shirt away from my stomach constantly as a habit, and I don’t do that anymore. After four years, I finally fit back into a shirt I bought for my honeymoon, and my wife sees how much happier and confident I am in everything I do.”

Bodyline Plan

Aimee took 75mg of Diethylpropion daily, and with the support and advice Bodyline staff, she started a healthy eating plan and regularly exercising her body.

Diethylpropion is an appetite suppressing medication that helps curb cravings, control hunger levels and allowed Aimee to eat in a sustainable calorie deficit.

“I’ve stuck with the diet because it has just become ingrained in me, and I don’t get out of breath when running up the stairs anymore!”

When asked about her experience at Bodyline, this is what Aimee had to say about the clinics and the staff:

“The whole community is so supportive. The last time I went in for my final appointment, there were other people there around me celebrating my success. And the staff were so accommodating, they help to motivate you.

I’ve had so many people asking me what it is I’ve done, and I recommend Bodyline to all of them.”

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