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2 st. loss over 10 weeks

I love Bodyline and its worked wonders for me!

“I hadn’t worn a dress in 16 years because I felt so overweight and self-conscious. I decided enough was enough and I wanted to look and feel good about myself again.”

At 33 and a busy mum to her 6 very active children, Amy from Stoke always put herself last on the list when it came to taking care of her family.  As a result, she lost her self-confidence and her get up and go had simply got up and left.  She had spent so much time looking after everyone else that she simply had no energy or motivation left for herself. Consequently, her weight crept up and up and her body shape changed to the point she couldn’t bear to see herself wearing a dress anymore.  Her sister’s forthcoming wedding gave her the wake-up call she needed and she decided her weight and size were not going to hold her back any longer. Fast-forward 10 weeks and Amy has achieved an amazing 2 stone 1 pound weight loss thanks to her Bodyline Clinic prescription weight loss programme and she’s looking great in a dress after 16 years of banishing them to the back of the wardrobe.

Since having my family and looking after my six very active children, I’ve found I have no time for myself. My family are my priority and I’m always really busy looking after them all but I realised that I wasn’t taking as good care of myself, putting myself last in line which I know isn’t unusual for busy mums everywhere. As long as they’re happy then I’m happy I’m doing my best for them but I wasn’t doing my best for me. 

My weight crept up and up. I didn’t have the will nor the motivation to do anything about it. With my weight gain came low self-esteem, my self-confidence reached an all-time low, I had no energy and generally I didn’t like the way I looked or felt about myself. 

The turning point came when we all started to prepare for our summer holiday to Skegness this year. The children were looking forward to it but I wasn’t due to my size. I didn’t like to see myself in some of the lovely summery clothes lots of women wear and I couldn’t bear to see myself in a dress, I hadn’t worn one for 16 years.  Shortly after our holiday my sister had planned her wedding. I really wanted to look nice for her big day so that was the kick start I needed to take action. I decided I was going to do something about my weight which would also give me more energy to play with the children on our trip.  

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

I have tried to lose weight with other diets in the past but failed miserably each time. My weight just goes down and straight back up again, I’ve never been able to lose weight and keep it off for any length of time and I always lost interest to carry on. This is mostly because I have so little time to spend on dieting so I needed a plan that was simple and easy to follow, without disrupting busy mealtimes at home for the family. 

I was recommended to visit Bodyline’s Stoke Clinic by a friend who had been successfully following her prescription plan.  She explained how easy it was to follow and how the support from the clinic would really help me with my motivation so I thought I’d give it a try, after all, what did I have to lose.  I found it easy to get an appointment and the staff at the clinic were really helpful and didn’t make me feel bad about my weight at all. I was accepted and prescribed a programme of Phentermine tablets with the B12 Spray as a booster. I love Bodyline and its worked wonders for me!

My Bodyline Plan

I first visited the Stoke clinic in June, weighing 14 stone.  Amazingly in only 10 weeks I have lost 2 stone 1 pound. I’m absolutely thrilled with my result. I’m down to 11 stone 13 pounds and I’m still going strong. My appetite has definitely reduced too, I can only eat a quarter of what I was eating before I started with Bodyline.

I found it easy to keep to my plan on holiday and as a result I only put on ¼ of a pound which I was really happy with. When we got back I lost another 4 pounds straight away.  It’s made such a difference and I’m sure I can lose even more before my sister’s wedding.  

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