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7 st. 7lbs loss over 1 year

I haven’t felt this good in years.

Chelsea Clarke, 20, from Birkenhead is celebrating weighing in at just under nine stone as she sees in the new year a shadow of her former self. The young mum of two dropped a phenomenal 5.5 stone after discovering her local Bodyline Clinic and can’t wait to celebrate the new decade and show off her new svelte figure.

“I haven’t felt this good in years, If I can do it, so can any other mum,” says Chelsea.

Chelsea had her first child when she was 16 and put on a lot of weight afterwards. Fast forward two years and after her second child, Chelsea was at her heaviest weight of 14 stone 5 lbs. With a holiday approaching Chelsea wanted to lose her baby weight and regain her body confidence.

“I had always assumed I was just carrying puppy weight, and that I could control it with dieting, but I had tried every diet under the sun and just couldn’t shift the weight. I spend all day looking after my two young children, so I have virtually no time to myself to exercise or plan meals. Whilst I always ensure the kids eat well, I tend to grab a lot of food on the go and eat too many snacks. Years of bad habits all added up and I piled on the pounds. My weight started to make me feel depressed and self-conscious. I’m still really young, and a lot of my friends are really slim, so going out with them made me feel really self-conscious. Instead of looking forward to the new year and my holiday, I began to dread it. That’s when I knew something had to change.”

Chelsea’s sister and friend had both lost a lot of weight recently at their local Bodyline Clinic where they had been prescribed slimming medication alongside exercise plans and nutritional guidance. Her sister claimed the appetite suppressants were “the best thing ever” and encouraged Chelsea to visit the Birkenhead branch. After an in-depth individual assessment Chelsea was prescribed Phentermine tablets, which are a well-known and safe slimming pill that helps weight loss in an efficient and controlled manner. It’s only available on prescription from qualified clinicians, in a CQC regulated clinic such as Bodyline. Phentermine acts by suppressing hunger levels and controlling common cravings for unhealthy foods. Chelsea knew the tablets were just what she needed to kickstart her body transformation as they had worked so well for her sister and friend.

“Within a matter of days, I could notice the difference. The weight started dropping off. I couldn’t believe it!”

Alongside prescribing the tablets the qualified Bodyline nurses worked with Chelsea to educate her on the benefits of eating small and nutritious meals often across a day and introduced an achievable exercise plan that suited Chelsea’s hectic childcare schedule.

“I started to feel in control of my body again, something I hadn’t felt in years. It was actually so much easier than I had imagined. I only wish I had joined Bodyline years ago. I love my new figure now. It’s made me so much more confident, and I have lots more energy to play with the kids. I’ve had so many compliments from people and can’t stop recommending Bodyline to everyone. I’m definitely sticking with the Clinic to ensure I maintain my weight, as I love the new me.”

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