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2 st. 13lbs loss over 4 months

My clothes fit comfortably, and I feel fabulous again!

 “My clothes fit comfortably, and I feel fabulous again!”

After yo-yo dieting for the past 15 years, supply chain manager, Helen and her cousin made a pact to lose weight together for good. Struggling with pain in her hip and a lack of self-confidence when clothes shopping, Helen was determined to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle now that she had hit her forties. With diets only proving to be a short-term solution, Helen finally decided to join Bodyline. Four months on, she is almost three stone lighter and beaming with confidence! 

“I’ve probably been yo-yo dieting for the past 15 years of my life. I’ve tried every diet under the sun, and they’ve only proven to be short term solutions to losing weight. With a high-pressure job and two young girls, I’ve never really taken the time out to look after myself properly.

“Now that I’ve hit my forties, I’ve realised that I need to start looking after my body a bit more than I used to. My cousin and I decided that this was the year we would get fit for good. We made a pact and started running together three times a week. My hip soon became sore, and the weight didn’t drop off me like I hoped it would. The pain grew worse as I kept pushing through – I didn’t want to give up but I could feel myself getting more and more frustrated with the extremely slow weight loss. My cousin had been a member of Bodyline for a while, so after careful consideration, I joined too!


Discovering Bodyline Clinic 

“When I arrived for my consultation at the Birkenhead clinic, I felt instantly at ease. It wasn’t the uncomfortable clinical environment I had expected – it was luxuriously decorated and very relaxed. I was shown in by a nurse and prescribed Diethylpropion after we had discussed all of the options in detail. It felt like a very personalised appointment, and still does each time I go in now to get weighed.


My Bodyline Plan

“I have managed to stick to running for four months and I’m three stone lighter with the help of Bodyline! I go into the Birkenhead clinic to get weighed regularly, and being in it with someone else keeps us both motivated and determined to keep going. Carrying less weight means my hip isn’t sore anymore so finally I’ve started to enjoy myself when I exercise!

“Although I only have a couple of pounds left until I reach my goal, my Bodyline journey won’t end there. As well as the prescription weight-loss medication, Bodyline houses a range of natural supplements that help to control cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle after you’ve hit your target weight. This time, I know that I’m going to stay slim for good. As soon as we both hit our target weights, we have planned a spa getaway to put our feet up and celebrate – I can almost taste the bubbly now…

“For the first time in a long time I did a big online clothes shop, each piece of clothing that I tried on brought a smile to my face when I looked in the mirror as they actually fitted comfortably! Clothes have started to fit like they used to again and for once I can honestly say that I feel fabulous!

“Thank you, Bodyline for making me love my body again!”

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