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3 st. loss over 5 months

For the first time in forever I feel really good about myself

‘I wouldn’t take pictures with my children because I was so unhappy with the way I looked.’  

Jamie Leigh, a mum of two from Birkenhead, felt ‘too fat to leave the house’ when comfort eating and unhealthy habits due to post-natal depression saw her piling on the pounds. Now, in just five months, she has transformed her life and is three stone lighter 

“For the first time in forever I feel really good about myself,” says Jamie Leigh. “I love going to buy new clothes and trying them on and I like making an effort in my appearance because it now feels worth it.” 

Having dropped from a size 18 to a svelte size 12, Jamie Leigh is back to enjoying life with her two young children. 

“I’ve really noticed a change in myself physically. My clothes look better and not like I’m bursting out of them anymore. I’m fitter and able to run around after my two beautiful kids, which makes them so much happier too.” 

Discovering Bodyline Clinic 

Jamie Leigh’s story began after the birth of her youngest child; she became depressed and began to reach for unhealthy food as a way of coping with her feelings. Jamie Leigh was subsequently diagnosed with post-natal depression.  

“I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from post-natal depression and using food as a source of comfort. I struggled with sleeping and was always mentally and physically exhausted. In turn, I began eating all the wrong things at the wrong times, like ‘treating’ myself to takeaways when I didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to cook.   

“I didn’t even notice the weight piling on until I started looking at pictures of myself and barely even recognised myself anymore. I didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I wouldn’t even get pictures of me and my children because I was so unhappy with the way I looked, but the moment that made me think enough is enough was when I bought a size 18 top and it was too tight. I made an appointment with Bodyline and I haven’t looked back.”  

After hearing about Bodyline through a friend, Jamie Leigh booked in for an initial consultation at our Birkenhead clinic where she was prescribed Phentermine and given tailored diet and nutritional advice.  

My Bodyline Plan 

Jamie Leigh said: “I chose to join Bodyline because my friend had been going and was looking fantastic and feeling healthier. I’d always been sceptical of using any type of weight loss medication. I thought they were just a quick fix and that the weight would simply pile back on, but I’m so glad I’ve done it. 

“Having the nurses there to check you over and make sure you’re on the right tablets and talking you through how to eat better and exercise regularly enabled me to achieve my goals. I had full support when I needed it.  

“I soon realised this was a diet I could really stick with because, as my appetite decreased, I didn’t crave all the rubbish food or takeaways like I had before. I took their advice to eat little and often and taught myself about healthier food. I realised it wasn’t as expensive overall. I started exercising too and the weight just fell off!” 

Jamie Leigh is now back to enjoying life with her children and is overjoyed with the difference Bodyline has made to her life, not just in terms of appearance, but her overall outlook. 

“I’m able to do so much more after joining Bodyline and finally losing some of the weight I’ve struggled to lose for years.  

“Now I don’t feel paranoid every time I leave the house. I’ve stopped avoiding social situations because of how I look and started to enjoy life with my children again. 

“My confidence has grown lots and therefore I’m in a much happier mindset than I have been for years. And I’m now quite happy to take a family picture because I can actually look at it and smile rather than want to cry and hide it.” 


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