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4.5 Stone over 5 months

People have walked past me in the street and not noticed it’s me!

Kim, a 54-year-old primary school teacher from Glossop, had tried everything to lose weight. She’d been a member of most diet groups, tried cutting out carbs with Atkins, and even lived off a diet of just eggs and walnuts. But after a knee injury, Kim was told she had to make a change and lose weight for an upcoming surgery.

So, with help from Bodyline’s medical weight loss programme, Kim was able to lose 4 ½ stone in just 5 months. That’s almost a stone a month!

“It’s changed my life. I work in reception in a primary school so up and down running after the children. It’s made me more confident and it’s just amazing. My knee is better since I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve been walking every day now I’ve lost all the weight. Now I just feel totally different. People have walked past me in the street and not noticed it’s me which just means you obviously look that different don’t you.

“I think it’s just changed everything, I’m more confident in the clothes that I wear, nice clothes. Shorter skirts, nice boots, fashionable clothes without feeling like I have to hide away under big baggy things.”

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

“I found out about it through talking to a friend. I needed surgery on my knee and that’s what made me do it. My friend told me about her ex-husband, who had lost about 5 stone, so I decided I could do that.

“The staff are lovely. Charlene is amazing, she’s so helpful, you can ask her anything. She goes above and beyond. She was really good and she really gets you going, really keeps you going. The motivational support was really helpful. They give you a drive to keep you going. You were well supportive, and because they were when you went in for your appointments you didn’t want to have let them down by not losing weight. I felt like I wanted to please them all the time because they were so nice.

“The community is great too. At my first appointment, these two other ladies told me how much weight they’d lost and how they’d done it so I can do it too. When you go for an appointment and step on the scales, when there’s somebody else in the waiting room they always say well done! It’s such a supportive community.”

Why Bodyline

Kim took 30mcg of Phentermine daily, and with advice and guidance from the staff at Bodyline, started regularly exercising and a healthy eating plan.

The appetite suppressing phentermine dose allowed Kim to eat in a calorie deficit and meant she was getting fuller after less food.

When asked what she would say to someone who wanted to lose weight but didn’t know where to start, this is what Kim had to say.

“Go to Bodyline. I think the hardest thing is that first step, making that first contact. Once you’ve got through that and you’ve spoken to somebody on the phone, I think you find it’s actually okay. It’s just picking the phone up and actually taking that first step that’s the hardest part.”

If you want to see the same great results that saw Kim go from a size 16 to a size 10, set up an initial consultation by calling us on 0800 995 6036 or filling in our online contact form for a call back.

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