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6 st. 2lbs loss over 1 year 2 months

In 9 months, I’ve lost an amazing 4.5 stone and now I’m enjoying life again, feeling fantastic.

“Depression and low self-esteem after a crushing relationship break-up made me hide away, ashamed of my size but as my clothes grew tighter, I knew I had to do something about it!”

Business Development Manager, Lindsay thought she had it all – a successful career and a loving relationship, but after her heartbreaking split last summer, the 34-year-old turned to comfort eating and gained an excessive amount of weight, very quickly.  She hid away and felt ashamed of her size, becoming more and more depressed and her self-esteem plummeted to an all-time low. I knew Bodyline’s plans worked as I’d done it before, so I had no hesitation in coming back to get me back on track.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, ever since I was a little girl and grew tall enough to reach the butter dish.  My mum used to catch me eating butter with my fingers and even as I’ve grown up, I tend to turn to food as an answer to every mood or emotion I go through. When I’m happy – I eat, when I’m going through a tough time – I eat, when I celebrate – I eat, when I commiserate – I eat. I’m constantly trapped in a cycle of being unhappy because I eat and eating because I’m unhappy.

I need to break the cycle because I realise heavy weight gain isn’t good for me and as I get older it becomes harder to lose. I genuinely feel that this is my last chance to lose the weight as painlessly and healthily as possible.

When my long-term relationship broke down last summer it was no surprise that I turned to food to make me feel better. I gained so much weight that I didn’t care what I looked like. I lost interest in myself and had no motivation to do anything whatsoever. I became very depressed and had horrifically low self-esteem.  My clothes became so tight I knew I couldn’t go up any more sizes, so I had to do something about it.

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

I have tried every diet under the sun.  My weight has always yo-yo’d and goes up very quickly if I let it. I’ve tried fad diets, but they have never worked, and the weight just piled back on straight away.  The only weight loss plan that has worked for me has been Bodyline.

A friend first introduced me to Bodyline fifteen years ago and at that time there was only one clinic in Stockport.  I used to drive there every week without fail from Liverpool, that’s how good the plan was, and it worked for me when nothing else did. I lost an amazing 6 stone using Phentermine.

So, this time around, when I knew I had to take action, I had no hesitation in heading straight back to Bodyline and found the newly opened clinic in St Helens to start again.

In 9 months, I’ve lost an amazing 4.5 stone and now I’m enjoying life again, feeling fantastic.

My Bodyline Plan

I’m very private about my weight and don’t even discuss it with my mum so it can seem quite daunting talking openly about it at the clinic.  Thankfully, I was pleased to find that the clinic staff, nurses and receptionists were exactly the same this time around, never judging and always giving praise and encouragement.  They are keen to point out that they are there to help and there is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about.  I was prescribed Phentermine and I knew it would work as I had been successful taking it first time around.

The first weigh-in is always the hardest and I would recommend others to make sure they make a note of all their start measurements as it helps track success. It’s not always just about weight change but your body will change shape too.  At my 3-month review, I found I’d lost 4 inches off my waist alone which has made a huge difference to my body shape.

Some weeks my weight loss has slowed down and on occasion, I have gained a few pounds, but the amazing nurses are always supportive and give advice or amend my prescription medication to get me back on track. So, one piece of advice I would give is never be afraid to go to the clinic as there is always something they can help with, as some months will be more of a struggle than others.

I’m well on the way to my target weight and I can’t speak highly enough of the Bodyline clinics and support plans. I’m very proud of my 4.5 stone weight loss achievement so far and no longer want to hide away binge-eating, that’s thanks to Bodyline.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.

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