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1 st. 7lbs loss over 12 weeks

Having a one-to-one consultation gave me the confidence to be open and honest

“I was fed up feeling out of shape but couldn’t stop my snacking habits. My knees ached and I found it difficult walking up and down stairs. I found out about Bodyline and started to notice a difference straight away. I’ve already lost 1½ stone and I’m a changed man!”

Mikey has already lost 1½ stone on his personal Bodyline plan and he’s well on the way to his goal. He’s changed his eating habits and no longer looks for snacks throughout the day.

 “I was fed up feeling out of shape and overweight but I couldn’t help snacking constantly throughout the day on the foods I enjoyed but I knew were making me overweight.  None of the diets I tried seemed to work. I knew things had to change when my knees started to hurt and walking up and down stairs became difficult.”

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

A friend told me about Bodyline’s medicated slimming pills and asked if I had tried them, which I hadn’t. I had tried nearly every other diet including shakes and extreme calorie restriction but none had proven to work for me at all.  I liked the sound of the Bodyline plan and did a Google search to find out more.  I found the website gave me lots of helpful information and the confidence that this could work so I got in contact to book my initial consultation.

My Bodyline plan

I joined Bodyline at the Warrington clinic and went along for my initial consultation. I found the staff to be really understanding and having a one-to-one consultation gave me the confidence to be open and honest about the issues I was having around constantly thinking about food and where my next snack was coming from.  They listened to the concerns I had around my knees and the difficulty I was starting to have walking up and downstairs.

Having a personal plan from weight-loss experts and clinically trained Doctors and Nurses gave me the reassurance that I could finally be successful in losing weight and stop my snacking habits.

I was prescribed a combination of Phentermine and Diethylpropion and given a support programme to help me focus on eating well at regular mealtimes rather than grazing throughout the day.

Success so far…

After only a few days I started to see a massive change in my eating habits. I stopped looking in the cupboards for snacks throughout the day and I was sticking to my agreed meal times with no snacking in between.  I track all my meals and having a routine really works well for me.

I find the clinics and support has been a great help.  The clinic opening times suit me very well and I make sure I go in to see my team regularly so there is no risk to me running out of my prescribed programme.

I’m really pleased I’ve finally found a plan that works for me and I’m seeing a difference straight away. Bodyline has already helped me lose 1 ½ stone and I know I’m well on the way to achieving my goal.


*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.

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