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2st 2lbs over 5 months

I would absolutely recommend Bodyline to other people and have already done so to work colleagues!

I had fluctuating weight, I would lose a stone and put it back on and that would demotivate me.  At University, I was doing a degree based around physical theatre so was always very active.  The virus lockdown arrived, and being stuck at home like many people, I did not control my eating and I ended up being the heaviest I have ever been.


I constantly felt sluggish, tired, and unfit and could no longer fit into clothes that I wanted to. I felt I needed more than 9 hours of sleep a day to function.  I would struggle walking upstairs!  Although I never hated my body, I had started looking at it differently and got upset when I tried on clothes that would not fit or had to choose a different option.


I had dieted and had lost a stone, but then it just stopped.  I was ready to give up but then a friend recommended me to Bodyline Clinic.


The team at Openshaw was very supportive and guided and helped me to look at what I was eating and to use the medication as a tool and not as a magic wand, and increase water intake.  With the wraparound support I have had, I now eat less sugar and carbohydrates.  I was constantly craving sugar and chocolate and it’s now stopped. I was also big on carbs and have significantly reduced them too.

Do not get me wrong, I still eat carbs and sugar, but the medication has given me the tool to kick the cravings and only have them as a treat.  If I go out socializing, I reduced the amount of beer I consumed and swapped to spirits with diet mixers.  It is about making these changes that make the difference.  I have also started exercising.  Small at first, just one walk a week then increasing to two… then increasing the miles and as of this month I have started going to the gym and joined classes and getting a personal trainer to teach me how to be my best active self.


I would absolutely recommend Bodyline to other people and have already done so to work colleagues, and they are loving their decisions to join.

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