Bodyline supports you to achieve your weight loss goals

Bodyline has successfully helped over 100,000 clients achieve their weight loss goals through individualised plans, precribed treatments and personalised weight loss support.

Bodyline supports you to achieve your weight loss goals

Bodyline has successfully helped over 100,000 clients achieve their weight loss goals through individualised plans, precribed treatments and personalised weight loss support.


Weight loss

8 st. loss


Sarah had been struggling with her weight for a few years, but at a size 22 and weighing 21 stone, she was starting to lose all her self-confidence. She tried countless diets and lost the motivation to go to the gym after seeing no results. Then a friend recommended she join her local Bodyline Clinic in Birkenhead. In just eight months, she’s lost over 8 stone and has a new lease of life!

Sarah Bown, a 29-year-old dog welfare assistant from Greasby on the Wirral, was enjoying her dream job taking care of stray dogs at Friends of Birkenhead Kennels. A dedicated vegetarian and lifelong animal lover, she enjoyed spending her days giving abandoned animals the TLC they need to get back on track. But in doing this she began to lose sight of her own needs, resulting in her weight spiralling out of control.

“I love my job, it can take its toll emotionally and often involves challenging cases of neglect and abuse, but it’s very rewarding. I was very happy with my work-life but the same couldn’t be said for my weight, which began to affect all areas of my life. Although I would spend my days taking care of sick and stray animal’s health, I was neglecting my own.

“I have struggled with my weight for years and tried countless diets, all of which had little or no effect on my waistline. As I continued to gain weight, I found it harder and harder to find the energy to go to the gym or to get through a tough day with the dogs at work. My self-confidence was lower than ever, and I felt miserable.

“I’ve been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember, and just over a year ago I started to introduce a more vegan-friendly lifestyle to improve my health. Yet despite these healthy changes I saw no change in my weight.

“It was so frustrating. Looking back now it’s easy to see that my downfall was portion size. I could eat and eat without getting full so would pile my plate high with food. In between meals I would often find myself snacking on rubbish – whether it was boredom or hunger I don’t know.

Discovering Bodyline Clinic

“At 21 stone, I had reached my limit with my weight. My friend recommended that I join her at the Bodyline Clinic in Birkenhead. I was reluctant at first as I was stubborn and determined that a diet would help me. I still thought I could do it myself, but eventually I had to admit my weight loss was at a standstill. I figured I had nothing to lose.

“I was really nervous at first, but the clinic was so lovely inside, and the reception staff greeted me with open arms, instantly putting me at ease. The nurse was great. She listened to all my concerns and involved me in working out a plan going forward. I was prescribed Diethylpropion, which suppressed my appetite almost instantly and I noticed over the next week that my portion sizes were becoming smaller. I felt full after meals and didn’t feel compelled to snack throughout the day like usual. And with that, my weight started to drop.

“As I was leading a vegan lifestyle, the nurse suggested I took B12 spray alongside my medication to supplement the nutrients that I wasn’t getting from meat and other animal based-products. I found that this gave me a great energy boost, and I was getting through even the most challenging days at work with enough energy to go to the gym afterwards. It was fantastic!”

My Bodyline Plan

“Weekly check-ups at the clinic were motivating me to stay on track and it felt like the nurses were on the journey with me – I just wanted to make them proud and show off my results every time I went in. Now, I’m in a great routine and the healthy lifestyle has become a habit, so I only need to drop in for my monthly prescription.

“I’ve got a little way to go yet, but after just half a year at Bodyline I’ve lost 8 stone and I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

“When I’m out walking the dogs, I pass by close friends and they don’t even recognise me anymore I’ve lost that much weight, even my own nan had to double-take when she saw me for the first time after lockdown. When I leave the house, I never feel self-conscious anymore, and when I throw on a summer dress and look in the mirror, I think I look quite pretty.

“I’m feeling so much more confident in my day-to-day life. I have more energy to care for the animals that I love so much at work, and still enough to take a bit of time caring for myself when I get home too. I’ve got a new lease of life.”


I can’t wipe the smile off my face!


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