The Difference A Spray Makes

A lot of things people do in the name of wellness can be sometimes deemed unpleasant (looking at planning 5:30 a.m. workouts for instance), and throwing down super-sized supplements is definitely on that list. Fortunately, a growing number of brands are making daily vitamins easier to swallow…by eliminating the swallowing part altogether and we are one of them!

Proponents of supplement sprays—which deliver vitamins and minerals either sublingually (under the tongue) – say they result in better absorption and lead to an all-around more pleasant experience. And while they’re not mainstream yet, we’re in the handful of clever, industry-leading brands that are doing so.

Here at Bodyline we now have a wellness side of the business and have products such as our B12 and D3 sprays. But why buy a spray over a tablet? Our in-house Pharmacist Tom tells us why:

“Drugs and medicines can be absorbed into the body in many ways, the most common way, of course, is by swallowing, but whatever an individual is taking, it can only be effective if they are somehow absorbed into the bloodstream.

“Let us consider Vitamin B12 given as a tablet. As soon as it is put into the mouth it is attacked by a digestive enzyme called ptyalin and some breakdown occurs, it then passes down the oesophageal tract where it meets further enzymes which may attack it. Finally, it reaches the stomach where it is attacked by stomach acid (which is really strong!) plus all the gastric enzymes and this almost totally destroys the vitamin.”

So, in cold reality, that tablet that you thought would radically change your life overnight – has one tough job on its hands!

But, don’t lose all hope – sprays are your best friend and they really will make a difference, Tom tells us why:

“Our sublingual spray is formulated to deliver the B12 under the tongue into the buccal cavity which has large loosely attached cells and really good blood supply. This is a really fast route of absorption, and to improve this, we have pressurised the spray so that we can reduce the nozzle size to provide an ultra-fine spray (as we have proven that a fine spray with droplet smaller than one-micron will pass through the buccal mucosa quicker and a bigger percentage is absorbed!)”

But why chose this over an injection you may ask? As we all know B12 Injections are all the rage at the moment. But what if you are needle-averse, or like to stick to a budget – great news…

Tom finalises: “When sublingual sprays are compared to injections in most cases about 80% is delivered to the blood compared with 100% for subcutaneous injection. But our sprays are only £12 and are so easy to take – I really would recommend those looking to improve their overall health and have an interest in B12 try us first, and put down the tablets!”

Bodyline’s B12 and Vitamin D3 sprays are available in all nine clinics and via the online shop and only cost £12 for a month’s supply.

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