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The Three Key Things You Need to Know About Hypnosis.

15 Sep 2019 Bodyline Admin

When it comes to starting hypnotherapy, it really is a form of treatment you need to consider properly before starting. Hypnotherapy can be fantastic for helping you break bad habits by changing your state of mind and conscious thinking but there are a few things anyone considering this form of therapy needs to know.

  1.   Hypnosis is a CONSCIOUS State

There’s a common misconception that being in a hypnotic trance is a form of being unconscious but that isn’t the case.

Although hypnosis does put you into a trance, you are fully conscious and breathing and if anything, breathing calmer and more considerately than usual, due to breathing techniques being a massive part of hypnosis.

  1.   You Are Fully in Control During Hypnosis

Another common thought about hypnosis is that when in a hypnotic trance, your therapist can control your thoughts and beliefs to adjust your thinking and change your behaviour but that simply isn’t the case.

When you decide to start hypnotherapy and meet with your therapist for the first time, you will have an in-depth conversation with them about what you wish to achieve and how you wish for them to help you do that. There are a number of ways hypnotherapy can work and you will have an action plan created with your therapist before being put into a trance.

Once in a hypnotic state, you are still fully in control of your thoughts and decisions and can’t be ‘brainwashed’ to think, say or do anything you don’t want to.

A lot of people are nervous about not feeling in control during hypnotherapy, so hopefully knowing this will ease that concern. You can also bring yourself out of a hypnotic trance if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you do not have to wait for your therapist to do it.

  1.   Hypnosis Doesn’t Work if You Don’t Genuinely Want it To

Something anyone considering the treatment needs to know is that if you’re not fully invested to your hypnotherapy and you’re not passionate about it working, it won’t.

As it is a conscious state of mind and you are in control of your thoughts and actions throughout being in hypnosis, it simply will not be effective if you’re knowingly or even unknowingly thinking you don’t want it to.

You have to fully invest yourself into the hypnotherapy process, believe in how it works and genuinely want to change the thoughts and behaviours that you’re discussing for it to be effective.

As well as your goals not being achieved if you don’t invest, you won’t actually be able to fall into a hypnotic state if you don’t want to. As stated above, you’re in control so no one can just click you into a trance, you have to want to be involved.

Hypnotherapy has helped hundreds of people to stop comfort eating, quit smoking, cut down on drinking and cull a whole host of other bad habits and it could work for you too!

If you now have a full understanding of how hypnosis works and you still want to give it ago to change your life, why not get in touch with our resident Hypnotherapy expert right here on the BOD platform?

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