Things to Do in Spring to Lose Weight

As the days are stretching, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming, weekends are getting even more exciting. Having more plans at the end of a long work week can be the best part of spring and summer, but sometimes we can end up eating more and moving less as a result.

Beer gardens, restaurants, and getting together with family and friends in your garden doesn’t involve much exercise and often times mean a lot of eating and drinking. By no means do we think you should stop these activities all together, but if every weekend is like that it can impact your results.

Instead of compromising your weight loss goals, why not choose an activity that will keep you moving and in a calorie deficit. Did you know that being outside can have a great impact on your mental health and your confidence? Stay motivated and on track on your weight loss journey, and your future self will thank you for it!

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A lovely walk in the countryside or a park followed by a picnic sounds like the perfect Saturday in spring. Not only will you be active and moving for a lot of the time, but the lovely picnic food will be putting a spring in your step! When at the shops, pick low calorie picnic food and try to avoid too many carbohydrates. If you prepare it all from home, you can control exactly what goes into your body. Here are some great healthy picnic food recipes to try!

Getting steps in

Even if your plans don’t involve too much movement, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate more in to make sure you’re staying active! Why not park a little further away than usual to force a few more steps? Research shows that 10,000 steps a day won’t just aid weight loss but it can improve your heart health and lower your risk of diabetes!

Long walk and pub

Why not plan a long country walk with your nearest and dearest? Soak in the gorgeous views of the countryside in spring and you could even see a few new lambs! With the promise of a lovely pub lunch or dinner at the end, you’ll be sure to carry on moving all the way. When you’ve been on a long walk, one pint and a few chips will definitely still fit into your caloric deficit, especially when you can be burning up to 800 calories!

Going to the park

Don’t just sit back and watch while your kids run around at the park, join in! Channel your inner child and get involved! Swinging on a swing for just 30 minutes can burn around 100 calories! Or how about plan a big game of rounders with your family and friends in the park? You can spend time with friends while keeping your kids busy and keeping yourself active.


When the sun is out, who can beat a bit of retail therapy? Walking in, out and around all the shops will keep you moving all day – even if you’re just window shopping! The average shopper burns around 200 calories an hour, all while purchasing things they love. You can’t beat it!

Join an outdoor exercise class

Who wants to go to a sweaty gym when the sun is out? Certainly not us. But luckily, there are some trainers and groups that organise outdoor exercise classes in local parks and green areas! See if there are any in your area you can spend a few hours at!

Bike ride

Hire some bikes and go for a cycle! You can see some gorgeous sites, spend time with friends and family, and be active all at the same time.

Go dancing

If you are going to go for a few drinks, why not end the night with a boogie and get on the dancefloor? You may need the liquid courage to get out there, but once you’re dancing you’ll be burning off the calories you drank while having fun with friends and making memories! You could be burning up to 400 calories in just half an hour of continuous dancing.

Happy Spring from Bodyline!

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