What Swimwear Suits Your Bodyshape?

Summer is upon us and so is holiday season which means most of us women are now frantically online shopping and browsing in store for the perfect swimwear to flatter our shape and help us feel comfortable and we’re here to help you with that today.

We’re going to be sharing a range of swimwear options with you that work for all shapes, sizes and ages so don’t worry; there’s something to cover every and any insecurity you may have!

The Classic Full Front One Piece Swimsuit

One of the simplest and most classic swimwear styles is the full front one-piece swimsuit, A.K.A your classic swimming costume.

There’s nothing fancy going on; no cutouts across the waist or low scooping backs; no crisscross straps or high legs. Just a classic, full covering swimsuit that is the ideal option for women conscious of their middle.

We all have our own ‘problem’ areas that we feel insecure about and if yours is predominantly your stomach, a simple and supportive style like this covers up the stomach whilst showcasing the legs, arms and even cleavage if you choose the right neckline.

Our favourite brand: Ann Summers they offer flattering and stunning one-piece swimsuits that are reserved and comfortable for sizes 6 – 24.

The Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

A similar style, but a little more risqué at times. In recent years one-piece swimsuits have gone from being seen as ‘mumsy’ to seriously on trend with women LOVING a full swimsuit, but with some added extra details.

Cutout and super strappy one-pieces allow you to customise how you wear your swimsuit whilst also showing off the parts of your body you feel best about. So, whether you’ve got a toned tummy you want to show off, a cleavage you’re proud of or a bottom you’re confident with, a modern and slinky one-piece swimsuit with high legs and cutout details could be right for you.

Our favourite brand: I SAW IT FIRST a relatively new addition to the online fashion world, I SAW IT FIRST have a great selection of affordable cutout and sexy swimsuits for sizes 6 – 18.

The Tankini

Nope, we didn’t just spell bikini wrong! A tankini is a style in its own right and it is perfect for the woman who is happy to have a little skin showing around her middle but isn’t ready to take the plunge with a full-on bikini.

A tankini comprises of regular bikini bottoms and a longer, hip-length bikini top covering your stomach but being a little more revealing than a bikini.

The length of tankini tops can vary but shorter tops are usually accompanied by higher waisted bottoms to achieve the same look. Tankini tops also sport a variety of necklines, including plunging v-necks and halter necks, so you can opt for whatever suits you best.

Our favourite brand: Next an affordable and quality high street store, Next have tankinis in a variety of styles and prints for women sized 6 – 20.

The Triangle Bikini

The triangle bikini top, accompanied by a variety of bikini bottom styles, is the classic two-triangle cups with a tie neck and tie back, usually creating a halter neck style.

This is the ultimate bikini style for great cleavage and if you have a bust that you’re happy with and you see them as an asset, this kind of bikini will really help emphasise them.

The focal point of this bikini style is the top so you can choose bottoms in a style that make you feel most comfortable, whether that be high waisted, brief or shorts.

Our favourite brand: ASOS online clothing giant ASOS is our favourite for triangle bikinis with a range of brands to choose from at different price points and plenty of patterns and colours in petite, regular and plus size ranges.

The Bandeau Bikini

This is your strapless bikini top which can be difficult for a larger chested lady to keep comfortably in place. The bandeau bikini is, therefore, usually one opted for by smaller to mid-sized breasted women.

The bandeau style can, once again, be paired with a range of bikini bottoms but this really is the style for the woman who wants a simple and streamlined look. Perhaps a good choice if you’re not keen on showing off cleavage.

This is also a style women only tend to opt for if they’re comfortable with their collar bones and arms as this part of the body becomes much more of a focus when you have no straps or sleeves.

Our favourite brand: Simply Beach the perfect place to shop for a range of brands, the collection of bandeau and strapless bikinis at Simply Beach come from a range of designers to cover all styles and sizes from 6 – 18.

The Low Scoop Bikini

A relatively new style to hit the swimwear world but what is known as the ‘low scoop’ bikini top could actually prove to be your new best friend.

This thin strapped bikini top is kind of like a bandeau with very thin, spaghetti style straps with a subtle u-shaped neckline; a lot like a vest top neckline. This style works for women of all chest sizes as it doesn’t show cleavage.  So, if you’re smaller chested then you don’t need to worry about the top looking ill-fitting but if you’re bigger busted and need the support, the straps are there to help.

As they’re a more modern style, low scoop bikinis are typically accompanied with what are considered ‘cheekier’ bottoms to finish the look, such as a low-waisted brief or thong style bikini bottom. So, if you’re not overly comfortable with the middle of your body, you may not feel 10/10 in this new style.

Our favourite brand: Pretty Little Thing often thought of as a brand for the younger generation of size 8’s and 10’s but PLT as it is often referred to actually caters for all sizes, with their low scoop bikinis being available in their plus size collection too.

The Underwired Bikini

‘Bra-style’ bikinis were once thought of being for the bigger busted woman who needed support in her bikini top, but this style has evolved over the last couple of years and taken on a whole new look.

Although classic underwired bikinis are still on the market and still perfect for the fuller chested woman who wants the additional support in the cup, underwired bikinis have now become a style for smaller breasted women who may feel under-confident in being smaller on their top half. With curved underwire shaping the bottom of the bikini top and creating the illusion of a fuller cup for women, this bikini style is a great choice for women of all sizes and can be accompanied by a variety of bikini bottom styles.

Our favourite brand: Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams the experts in high waisted bikini bottoms and underwired tops, Floozie by Frost French is available at Debenhams and caters for sizes 8 – 20.

The Peplum Swimsuit

Perfect for the woman who isn’t too confident with her tummy, a peplum swimsuit adds an extra frill of fabric around the waist of your one-piece swimsuit to cover up a portion of your stomach which, although is covered with the swimsuit, also now has a skirt-style piece of fabric over it too.

Peplum swimsuits create a beautiful hourglass silhouette thanks to shifting the emphasis from your stomach to your waistline, so perfect if you’re not super confident in your shape.

Our favourite brand: Boohoo another online shop that offers affordable quality, Boohoo have a selection of on-trend peplum swimsuits for different sizes in a selection of colours and fits.

The Skirted Swimsuit / The Swim Dress

If a small peplum around your waist isn’t giving you the confidence you need to hit the beach, then a skirted swimsuit is the next step up and it might just do the trick!

Skirted swimsuits come with all kinds of straps and necklines and are essentially a one-piece swimsuit with a skirt that starts at the waist, covers the bottom of the bikini and ends at the top of your thigh. The skirt provides coverage over your stomach, bottom and the inner tops of your legs; areas a lot of women feel uncomfortable with, so this could be the perfect solution!

Our favourite brand: Simply Be known for their plus size clothing offerings, Simply Be have a whole range of swim dresses in different patterns and fits to cater for sizes 10 – 32.

So, wherever in the world you’re heading on your holidays this year, feel beach ready in a swimsuit style that will suit you!

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a body and you’re on a beach then you’ve got a beach body, so feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy the sun!

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